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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 17

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Part 17

The philosophical system that Akman developed over the years had been effective to deal with the idea of being in the mental hospital. Akman evaluated natural phenomena through a classification consisting of seven layers.

It was possible to treat the energy as both the first and the top layer.

The substance arising from energy formed the second layer of the universe. The relationship between energy and substance could be two-way.

In the third layer, there were plants, animals with no self-awareness. They were transforming energy into another form, without realizing the nature of it. Some of the unconscious beings had evolved into humans and animals that were dealt with in the fourth layer over time.

The animals and humans found in the fourth layer had a nervous system so that they could suffer physically and mentally.

In the fifth layer, there were people with knowledge of the world, who could make logical conclusions and live their emotions intensely. To reach this layer, emotional maturity, as well as full formal education, was required.

The sixth layer included dreams, visions, and emotions that were pushed into the subconscious mind. Access to these was due, and the encrypted information contained in this layer was transformed into consciousness. To understand the dreams and other messages sent from the subconscious, of course, you had to be educated.

The seventh and last layer contained intuition. For intuition to descend into consciousness properly, there should have been no gap or weakness in the fifth and sixth layers. The intuition of those who were uneducated had the potential to harm them more than good. Intuitions could be seen as reflections of pure energy that allowed the universe to exist. The energy was what kept things together; the past, the future, the gods and the people. The hierarchical layers that could be thought of as circular was thus connected over the energy.

Akman thought that people with a mental health condition could play a key role in reaching the implicit information found in the sixth and seventh tiers. He planned to take advantage of their natural abilities to deal with the robots on Earth. Iomas, who was disturbed by the hallucinations and the sounds he had heard, and İkram who had to empty his thoughts like the waters flowing from a waterfall, were the patients he had taken a look at. These people had unique qualities, such as being able to get out of habitual patterns. But it was not easy to reveal their subtle powers. First, they had to volunteer. His life experience taught Akman to be close to them to direct people to the desired behavior. He hoped that the spirit of brotherhood, which was formed spontaneously in the mental institution, would help him with that. He spent a lot of time with them, trying to learn their past, without offering them to sleep together.

Because of the delusions, he had experienced, Iomas was an uneducated person who lived mostly in other worlds instead of in his time and space. He was born in Yerşehir when formal education was not mandatory and spent the last 20 years in a house of insanity. Ikram had to leave because he felt that he needed to talk more than the teachers while studying in the Political Science Department of the Academy.

When he thought they were ready, Akman invited Iomas and Ikram to the living room. They laid down connecting their heads on the extra boards that Akman provided. Their feet showed three different directions of the room. Ikram's hair smelled so bad because he didn't like to bathe, but Akman was able to sleep in spite of this terrible smell because he cared so much about this kind of experiments. When they woke up in the morning, all three felt pretty good, but none of them remembered the dreams they saw at night.

The next day, they repeated the sleep experiment by including one of the mental hospital officials. Waiting at the head of the task force, he would follow the eyelids of all three and wake them up after making sure they were dreaming.

At the end of the second attempt, unfortunately, they couldn't remember their dreams. Akman, who is accustomed to such failures, has not been caught up in the negative consequences. After sending Iomas and Ikram to their warns, he fell into a deep sleep with no odor bothering him.


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