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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 16

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Part 16

Omay did not have the opportunity to deal with the vote in parliament because her husband Tulpar was rushed to the hospital. The wounds on his legs spread over time into his abdomen, causing them to fall out of control. Doctors at the hospital said his legs should be cut immediately; the operation was started without delay, but this radical measure was not enough for Tulpar to survive. A new one was added to the recent losses in Yerşehir, and black clouds surrounded the city. Amara, Tolhan, and Tulpar lost their lives, the absence of news from the delegation sent to Istanbul was added to the anxiety. Omay was having the toughest days of her life.

The caravan who had gone to İstanbul returned to the city just before the funeral ceremony of Tulpar. They brought the desired plant, but unfortunately, they were late. However, it was a consolation for those who waited for their way back to the city. As soon as Derma who had lost her father saw Sitta, she hugged him and cried for minutes on his shoulder. Only Akman didn't seem to be upset about the losses; during the funeral, he not only drank wine but poured wine into the fire burning the dead body of Tulpar. His reckless actions were not welcomed in the city.

Omay warned Akman the next day to organize his actions. It had to be the delayed effect of the hunger and misery he suffered in the Imperial dungeon for days. Moreover, when he entered the underground lake in the morning, he had to admit that the blind-bow fish had not surrounded it. It was strange that Akman was worried about such a thing, but Omay did not rush to judge him. After a few days, Akman had peed to the new fountain built by Hader. Hader knew that no one loved him but President Omay and a few intellectuals. Hader used this incident as an opportunity to demonstrate the power he had gained in recent times, forcing President Omay to shut down his friend to the mental hospital on the ground of the city. Omay was angry with Akman who did not listen to her warnings, and she reluctantly obeyed Hader's request.

Akman didn't seem to have much of a bearing on this decision; he didn't even try to defend himself, he took the path to the mental hospital voluntarily.

The mental hospital was composed of four independent sections located next to the dungeons on the lower floor of the city. With Hader's guidance, Akman was confined to the section of schizoid patients. As soon as he entered the large compartment lit by the Carpathian lamps, an old patient attacked Akman, who he saw as an angel of death appointed by the gods. Akman stopped the old man quickly, bent his wrist, put him on the floor and placed his knee on his chest. He told the man that he had made a great mistake by attacking him and that if he promised not to attack him again, he would convince the Gods to spare his life. The old man struggled in vain to get rid of Akman's yoke, and after a few minutes, he succumbed to him, realizing that it was impossible.

Another patient, wearing a crown on his head, was continually staring at the wall to avoid eye contact with anyone. The other patients were shouting at him by walking between him and the wall and wagging their eyes to have fun. The asocial patient was sitting on a stool at the corner of the two walls and sticking his nose against the edge of the wall.

The staff of mental hospital was doing their best to make the sick comfortable. The food was delicious, and the beds were clean. Akman preferred to lie on the two boards that he brought from his hive instead of the beds of his house. He preferred to spend the night in the living room. For the first few days, he tried to sleep by placing his boards in the corner of the ward, but he was unable to sleep in the hall because of the patients who were snoring loudly, screaming in their sleep, waking up and wandering. When he noticed that the officers didn't bother him, he started to sleep in the living room on his boards every night.

Akman told those who visited him that he had the most comfortable days of his life. The musicians of the Mad House did not lack music from the living room to relieve the patients. If a few extreme cases were to be excluded, it could be said that people with a mental health condition were colorful and friendly people. Akman, who had been forced to abide by social rules since his birth, regarded himself as a child who had been reunited with his family after many years.

The patient who was called "savior owl" was giving political speeches in the ward, in the dining room and the living room of the hospital. Akman was surprised when he realized that "savior owl" İkram did not repeat himself in his speeches and that he had in-depth knowledge of the problems of Yerşehir. He was talking regardless of whether people listened or not.

“Don't make the damned sewer hole called Yerşehir more ugly, my dear brothers. It's been a long time since the gods left us in our way, like orphaned children. We're going to have to hug each other because we don't have another branch to hold on to. If we unite, we will wipe this curse and break the traps together. The dragon, who we thought would protect us with his fiery breath, burned in his own flame and left the country. Whoever hopes that the Gods and the burning fire of the volcano protect them will sooner or later taste the disappointment.

My words do not descend from heaven, my dear brothers and sisters, my thoughts are rising from my burning lungs, and they are falling from my lips. My rebellion stems from the inability to realize possible actions. Today, the political jugglers in Yerşehir put as to sleep by saying 'Look at the bird, look at the rabbit.' Those who have gold and silver are the ones who dominate the moon and the sun. Today, while the rich of Yerşehir are enjoying the gardens of light, the workers and farmers of our city are working in dark galleries. Is that justice, goddess of fate? What happens if the jugglers who make politics today in Yerşehir are conservative, what happens if they are liberal? I want to sleep on the grass while I hit the harps at night in the light gardens. But I know that the gardens of light are small, the Earth is vast. I dreamt that the Demons on top of us came on ships flying from a barren and pale planet. Those mine-eating monsters will destroy us. I feel them waking up demons inside us, brothers. Last night I dreamt that the streets of Yerşehir spilled blood. Don't let the people of Yerşehir be tricked.

Only this ancient city carries the flag of democracy in the world. If our city gets a fairer order, the Republic will live forever. If we cannot ensure that the workers, farmers and other laborers embrace the Republic, then the Republic we set up by firing the king will be doomed to collapse like a sandcastle. Social injustices in Yerşehir are the leading causes of the cracks on the basis of our city. The Eastern Romans and the Persians are looking for a chance to rule us. If we don't go further, our one-wheel bike will fall, and we'll start crawling on the ground with dust and mud. In order not to allow such a disaster, we must fight together with the fire of the Holy volcano in our hearts, my dear brothers and sisters.”

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