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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 15


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Part 15

The next day, the Great Theatre, where the Supreme Parliament was operating, was completely filled because of the exciting agenda of the city. In order to be aware of the developments and vote on robot issues, Yerşehir's political-savvy citizens took their place on the stone steps. Among the tribune blocks, law enforcement forces in purple clothing were lined up in one row from top to bottom. This was a precautionary measure to prevent the oral teasing of groups in parliament from transforming into physical intervention. In addition, members of law enforcement officers stand up during the voting census, and the sworn officials who count the votes were more comfortable distinguishing the blocks they were responsible for.

The session began with the silence of the Chief Commander Amara and Commander Tolhan. Then Hader appeared on the assembly stand to speak as he did every Monday.

"I would like to begin by commemorating my dear friends Amara and Tolhan who sacrificed their lives for Yerşehir. I have no words to express the pain in my heart. The people who know me are very well aware that I don't care what the aristocracy will say when I express my thoughts. I'm a man of the people and I care more about how people feel when they think about urban issues. I have always relied on the common sense of the people of Yerşehir, so history never wronged me. Since the beginning of the robot attacks, I warned the city administration to be cautious, not to pay the excesses premium. Unfortunately, my warnings are not taken into consideration, and we are losing distinguished members of our people on the road. If my warnings were taken into consideration, Amara and Tolhan would be among us now. I swear by all the gods that I believe, I really wanted to be wrong about this. A large segment of our people wants the city administration to be more modest. As a citizen from the public, I share the wish. The scientific method may have provided us with some practical benefits. But scientific knowledge should not prevent us from appreciating the greatness of the divine. All the ethereal sources we know says that arrogance is the greatest sin. To oppose the perfectly functioning order that the gods have founded brings us pain and death. I recommend avoiding extremism to ensure that our people live in peace. Let not my words come out as I affirm the cruelty of the devils on earth to our people. I believe that the divine signs on this matter will be granted to our people one day. Until that day, we can continue to live in the underworld as we have been commanded. With prayers and worship, respect and common sense, I think we can overcome this depression that our people have fallen into. What will we gain taking the wrath of the demons above? Think about it, we are trying to fight the forces that no one on earth can dare to oppose.

As you know we have sent a diplomatic delegation to Istanbul to meet with the authorities of Eastern Rome recently. The delegation has not returned to the country yet, but I am very well aware of the answer they will get about our attempt to get out on Earth. The East Romans will think we've missed our minds. In addition to the delegation to the west, we sent a caravan east to Mount Nemrut. After a visit to Nemrut, our delegation will go to the land of Persia. I hope that these expeditions will contribute to the development of inter-country trade. I have offered to our High Council to equip our transit underground tunnels with railways to develop trade with cities adjacent. Although electricity generation is a restriction on this issue, we hope that we can overcome this by using the volcanic sources of neighboring countries.

Dear Fellow Citizens, today, while our city has the highest level of prosperity among the cities of the world, I can imagine the danger of our people being compromised to fight an enemy with demonic powers. Therefore, we will propose a law on the administration of all actions on the Earth to be taken to the control of the parliament. I would not wish this suggestion to be perceived as a mistrust in our administration. What we want is for the city administration to benefit more from the wisdom of our people. Later in the day, we will take a vote on this issue. I ask you to participate in the vote, and I give you all my regards. "

Hader's speech was effective on the assembly, and it was decided that all exits to the Earth, including those intended to be reconnaissance, would be subject to parliamentary scrutiny. Although it was stated that the termination of the president's powers would be inconvenient in terms of situations requiring immediate intervention, the idea of “wisdom of the crowd” seemed to have found a strong response to the public.

Such a decision that the president was not supported by parliament led to comments that Hader could be the next president by ousting Omay in a vote to be held in parliament later.


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