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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 14


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Part 14

The discoveries that Amara and Tolhan performed sacrificing their lives had deeply influenced engineer Tulpar. He had never been sympathetic to Amara, his partner's close colleague. Amara was an intellectually undeveloped, narrow-minded and cold person, but she had revealed her life without hesitation for her homeland. Tulpar has become a burden to his wife and society because of his illness. Recent events have clearly shown that fear did not help to deal with death. The main thing was to struggle as long as the person lives. It was clear that the treatment in the hospital was not useful. He was discharged from the hospital and began to do scientific studies in light of the information that Amara provided.

In order to contribute to the war with ruthless robots on the surface, he was working on the issue. He was trying to be beneficial to society and his family that way. As Tulpar's face laughed again, Omay and Derma were happy, and they warned him not to push himself very much. According to Tulpar, the technological basis of robots on Earth was based on metals that could change shape spontaneously. In one of the underground lakes near the Holy Volcano, they were trying to create the building blocks of these robots, thereby understanding their weaknesses. The robots on Earth were taking their energies directly from the solar energy, not from indirect ways like humans and other animals. Under the black lakes they used as a production site, it was clear that volcanic activities were found. It was highly probable that they were taking out other metals as well as iron mines. They could have some kind of instinct that forced them to attack humans which they didn't like to exist in the world. Only people were taking precious metals. Tulpar didn't think they had abstract thinking abilities, they were acting in accordance with their instincts. It was unlikely that they would have evolved naturally in the world, and their core constituents could have fallen from space through meteorites. Tulpar did not underestimate the possibility that they were the representatives of Gods or an advanced civilization, but it was a low possibility for him.

When Tulpar came out of the research lab with his electric chair to the presidential residence, his daughter Derma greeted him at the door.

"How're the lessons going?" asked Tulpar.

"The philosophical issues are more complicated than I thought," Derma replied.

"The philosophy is full of traps that lead to empty hopes. You think you understand things, but there's no way to test the concept you're creating," Tulpar said.

"I didn't know you didn't like philosophy. You have a daughter who's willing to be a philosopher."

"I love my daughter so much that I can even sympathize with philosophy."

"I'm so glad you're home, I can even handle philosophy."

When the father and the girl were saying love words to each other, Omay came home.

"We didn't expect you so soon," Tulpar said, turning the electric chair towards the door.

"Amara's death impressed me very much. I could be in her place," Omay said.

"Don't even think about going to Earth," said the Derma.

"We must develop solutions that will not jeopardize the lives of our people."

"I'd like to live more to see the day we beat them."

"The caravan to Istanbul will bring the plant and you will regain your health"

"For some reason, it doesn't feel that way."

"Let us keep our hopes fresh so that our family members don't get upset," said Derma looking into her father's eyes.

"Hopes," said Tulpar in a thoughtful voice, did not continue to his words.


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