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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 11


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Part 11

The four battle carts, covered with cow skin, came out of the door that Ordin used three months ago. In front of the three of the war carts it was written, “Why don't you let us go to Earth?” Pouring white candles on the skin created the writings. Steel-wheeled war cars with two balls in front of them looked like Panzer. The soldiers inside the battle vehicles were waiting for their destiny with curiosity. They knew very well that not one person had returned from the Earth until then, so they were ready to die for their people.

Robots and mines did not attack steel cars covered with cow skin as in the experiment that was made a few months ago. Amara radioed all the vehicles and instructed them to move slowly and certainly not to shoot. The car that Amara was in was smaller than the others, and there was no ball in front of it. Amara was sitting in the car with Colonel Tolhan, a big soldier like himself. Colonel Tolhan was so excited that he was so close to Amara that he had had platonic love for years, and he could die at any moment. Fear of death and love triggered each other, causing storms to break in Colonel Tolhan. He wanted to plunge into the forest and get out of vital danger and be alone with Amara.

The war cars stopped without approaching any of the three-legged giant robots on the plateau. Meanwhile, military units were waiting on the outskirts of the city with miniature balls, electroshock bombs, and machine pistols.

When the expected attack order was not received, the chariots returned to the underground city with heavy and careful maneuvers. The miniature car in which Amara and Tolhan were located, went down the plateau and progressed along the vast plains ahead. The car was made of aluminum alloy to be lightweight and was hovering like a gazelle over the bumps on the flat. Amara was as excited as Tolhan because they were the first people to have been on these grass for almost two thousand years. Tolhan drove the mini-terrain vehicle directly into the forest, with its features such as flexible shock absorbers, four-wheel drive, and high-body layout. Tolhan was chosen to this task because he was a map engineer with a natural ability to find direction. They progressed by gently drawing a curve in the woods covered with cedar and hornbeam trees.

“The forest is more magnificent than our light gardens,” said Tolhan.

“Now is not the time to watch the scenery,” Amara replied. There was no window in the car resembling a giant wheeled iron. In the control panel, two screens were showing the front and rear of the vehicle.

"Would the mines attack us if we were out of the vehicle?” Tolhan asked.

"We should not take such a risk.”

“They could make this canister a little bigger.”

“You must pray to the gods that we are not dead.”

“After a while, we'll be numb.”

“We'il think about it then,” said Amara.

They planned to take three rounds to draw circles that grew each time around the plateau where the city was located. As the vehicle navigated through the forest, Tolhan placed some signs on the map on the front console that Amara did not understand.

“The forest is bigger than I expected,” said Tolhan.

“Ssshh. Wait a minute,” said Amara listening to the environment.

From the depths of the forest, the sound of footsteps that shake the ground began to be heard. The voices were getting closer. “Break the wheel to the left,” said Amara in a hurry.

Three mammoths with long curved teeth appeared on the display of the back of their vehicles. They were running through trees with their long hoses bent forward.

“It's not a good sign,” Tolhan said.

“Your color is white. You almost got wet.” Amara said in a cynical attitude.

“Yes, I have feelings,” Tolhan replied.

A few minutes later, they came out of the forest and reached a large meadow. The three female lions who were in the long grass looked anxiously at their cow-skinned cars, and when they came in line, they started running towards them. Tolhan gave the car full power, but they both knew it wasn't fast enough to escape the lions. On the screen in front of them, they could see the Lions coming closer at any moment. Amara pulled out the machine pistol and pulled the barrel out of the hole in the side of the vehicle. One of the lionesses broke the balance of the car with a shoulder stroke, and they proceeded to flip over the long grass.

Amara hit her head on the ceiling and fainted, and Tolhan couldn't move because Amara fell on to him. Lions carved the thin aluminum cover of the car with claws, trying to remove the big babies in this strange cow. A few seconds later, Tolhan came eye to eye with two lions. One of the Lions began to bite the faint Amara's copper armored shoulder, pulling her out. It didn't take the lion long to get Amara out of the car. Amara's gun was idle meanwhile; the gun barrel was swinging out of the car's hole. Tolhan took the gun and fired it towards the lions. Two of the lions fell a few steps, and the larger one, after experiencing a small surprise, leaned over Amara again. Tolhan fired back into the air in a hurry. This time the lions are all regressed. Encouraged by the decline of lions, Tolhan jumped out of the car and aimed at their feet this time. The lion at the front went a few steps and roared as if she were accustomed to the sounds of the machine pistol. Tolhan was furious instead of being afraid of this movement. He took off the machine pistol at his waist, and he started shooting at them while walking on the Lions with two guns. When the lions saw Tolhan walking towards them, they turned and quickly began to flee into the forest.

Tolhan was hesitant between entering the car again and helping Amara. The mines could have taken action at any moment and evaporated them both. Amara was bitten by a lion, bleeding from his shoulder. Tolhan stripped the copper shoulder cover with teeth marks, the lion's lower teeth caused two deep wounds on Amara's dark skin. Tolhan hurried to the car, loaded with all his power and fixed the car that was turned upside down. He took out the first-aid kit from the trunk in the front of the vehicle. He wrapped Amara's shoulder tightly with the white gauze. Then he poured water on Amara's face from the canteen at his waist and rubbed the face of Amara with his left hand. When Amara did not react to the water spilled on her face, Tolhan was alarmed. He put his ear on Amara's big tits and tried to catch her heart beating. But Amara's face was pale, and her body was cold. In tears, he took Amara's hands into his palms and squeezed his wrist like a vise and tried to catch her heart beating. Amara missed her ankle and opened his eyes. “Why are you crying? What's happened?”

“I thought you were dead,” said Tolhan.

“As you can see, I'm not dead.”

"Mines did not attack.”

“Let's not push our luck, let's get in the car as soon as possible.”

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