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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 10


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Part 10

Following the removal of the dent, the convoy continued to the road. In the parts of the tunnel that were slightly sloping downhill, they got into the empty tug on the back of the carrier, and this move made them possible to advance faster. Now they started to see donkey, mule and sheep skeletons and rotten pieces of cloth, and it was understood that this part of the tunnel was visited by someone else. After completing downhill descent, they came across a large gallery and a fountain. The road was divided here. On the maps they had, the underground tunnels were bent slightly from Cappadocia to Istanbul on a single line. Narrow tunnels opened to small underground cities on the road were opened and closed in various periods. It was understood that the left arm of the tube towards the Mediterranean was constructed later. In the fountain, they washed their faces and filled the water kegs in the car. Now that they could meet strangers at any moment, the soldiers were armed. History was filled with tales of marauding gangs who came out of small cities through narrow tunnels and attacked the convoys on the road.

The first caravan they met consisted of four bearded dwarfs and three mules. This encounter was like traveling to the future. They haven't known what's been going on in the world for nearly two hundred years.

Amran and Doma approached the dwarves and saluted them. The Dwarves were the greasy-faced men, yet they tried to answer the questions as best they could. Although they had no education, they had quite a few knowledge of the current situation of the world. After all, they were traders, and people learned a lot during trading. In this encounter, for example, they understood that the people of Yerşehir were rich. In exchange for a ten-minute chat, Amran had given them a piece of gold.

Sitta and Tamra approached the scholars in excitement and asked them what they were talking about.

“Everyone in the known world is underground as we left them two centuries ago. The Dwarves consider the greatest sin, even some kind of blasphemy to get to the earth. In the meantime, I think they abandoned the beliefs of their ancestors and went on to believe in one God. Arabs brought this belief from Jerusalem to Tarsus by sea and from there to Istanbul. They said God doesn't forbid us to travel on the sea. So the robots allow the voyage of the sea, which is new information for us. I didn't get the impression that they had a remarkable development in technology. But I am curious about their theology,” Akman said.

They did not encounter a new dent along the way; the tunnel was somewhat hospitable. In some parts of the road, the ground was covered with parquet stones, the soil was strengthened with iron poles in the areas where it was loose, and drainage troughs were opened to prevent water raids. After a ten-hour uninterrupted walk, they realized that the tunnel was expanding. There was a big inn in front of them. Akman went through the arched door of the inn and asked the long-bearded dark men the innkeeper. The men in the inn spoke Latin like the dwarves they met on the road. However, many Arabic and Hebrew words were added to the vocabulary. Fortunately, Akman knew these languages. The innkeeper went down from the upper floor with two separate lamps and left one at the table of the bearded men Akman spoke to. Akman asked the innkeeper if he would accept the silver money of Yerşehir. "Silver is silver," he said. With Akman's sign, the rest of the convoy entered through the door of the inn.

“The woman in a soldier uniform. Whose wife is she?" the innkeeper asked. He was a decent man, and despite his size and the big mole on his left cheek, he had made a positive impression on Akman.

"She is a senior commander of the Yerşehir Army. Her husband is not with us,” Akman answered.

“I have never seen such strange tradition even in idolaters or fire worshippers. The woman is not only a soldier but also the commander.”

Akman did not feel the need to make a statement on this issue, but he did not hesitate to set up his mind on how to approach the problem if such an issue arises in Istanbul. They rented two rooms upstairs side by side. They carried the guns and other valuables to their places and slept comfortably on wool beds.

After a tiring hike for days, a group of soldiers stopped them when they finally approached Istanbul. They look at them with suspicious eyes on their pony, trying to figure out who they are and where they came from. "We come from the ancient underground city of Yerşehir and want to meet your emperor," said Akman, to the man who he predicted was the commander of the soldiers from his safe stance on his horse.

“We were not informed about such a visit, you're under arrest from now on,” said the commander on his pony who was looking at Tamra and his soldiers with the eyes asking.

“Such a move is considered an insult to the people of Yerşehir. We have a diplomatic mission in your country,” Akman said.

"I advise you not to rely too much on those strange weapons that your soldiers have. Drop your weapons and come with us immediately,” the commander said.

“What do you know about Yerşehir?"Akman asked.

“I know that if you don't do what I say immediately, you won't see it again,” said the commander. It was understood that he had a complete belief of the long sword in his waist and the arrows of his soldiers. There was a medallion engraved with a cross sword around her neck and silver rings adorned with Arabic letters on his fingers. Akman concluded that the commander was an arrogant man who was eager to show off his outfit and accessories.

Tamra pointed the electroshock gun at the opposite wall looking in the eye of the commander, and the weapon exploded with a considerable noise in the opposite wall.

The emperor's soldiers barely conquered the ponies. “I want you to drop your weapons and come to Istanbul with me immediately,” the commander said.

"We do not intend to fight with you. We want to meet the emperor or someone he authorized. And we also think that we have the right to be treated by the diplomatic procedures,” said Akman.

“I'm not going to give you a privilege because of the magic show you just made. Foreigners must abide by the rules of this country,” replied the commander.

Doma stepped forward, approached the commander's pony with certain steps and said, “You can't arrest us. Such an attempt will result in the death of you and your soldiers, so I suggest you abandon this stubbornness. You will also appreciate that there are thousands of the people in Yerşehir who would be eager to take the revenge. On the other hand, we will release our weapons when we arrive at the door of your city as required by diplomatic procedures. So my suggestion is that you accompany us to the gate of the city. As citizens of two friendly countries, we will have the opportunity to chat on more enjoyable topics on the way,” he said.

"It's a reasonable proposition.” the commander said," half of the soldiers went to the front of the convoy and the other half to the back. They started to move towards the door of Istanbul as a large caravan.


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