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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 1-2


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Part 1

Training week was completed in the ancient underground city, where students gathered to sing the anthem of independence in the courtyard of the high school in the city center. Ordin was happy to have left behind another week of boring lessons. Two weeks later, he would finish high school and spend his days wandering around the city freely until he was hired. The lights on all sides did not lit the courtyard completely. The students stood in rows of seven, their shadows crossed each other as they were impatiently moving. With the command of the director, they began to sing the anthem of independence with enthusiasm.

Fire burning in the heart of mother earth
Feeds, raises, replicates us
We're dedicated to him, we're with him, we worship him.
On the altars, hollows, and roads
In the heart of the promised land
Wander the souls of our martyrs
Fearless, eternally, with divine whispers

Cursed spirits of three-legged devils
Burn in the fire of the holy volcano
We're dedicated to him, we're with him, we worship him.
In galleries, tunnels, and buckets
Underground people are noble, hardworking, honest
Each one magnifies a volcano in their hearts
Proud, carefree, with sincere prayers

The decayed sun reflected in the mirrors
Never let down our enthusiasm
We're dedicated to him, we're with him, we worship him.
Our hearts find peace in the humming of magma
As long as the holy volcano protects us with its arms made of fire
Three-legged demons can't chew our country
We will defend our independence forever

As the students were leaving the courtyard, Sitta approached Ordin, and said: "today is the great day."

"You have finally overcome your fears," said Ordin with a cynical attitude.

"I'm not a psycho like you, son, I've waited for the right time," Sitta said.

Like other students, they went to the city square, walked together for a while and separated to go home.

Ordin stayed alone on the Northwest suburban train after a while, as no other student was going to the suburban areas of the city. He sat on a leather-covered bench in one of the open carriages, watching the shops, temples, and piling houses carved into the ground along the coast of the railway. The electric mini-train, where only eight people can get into each car, entered a narrow tunnel and did not leave the twilight of the tube for a long time. When the train finally came out of the tunnel and came to the station, Ordin jumped down and started to walk into another tunnel where it could barely pass. There were houses on both sides of the tunnel that had been carved out of the soil. The doors of the round entrance of the homes were closed because of the recent burglary incidents in the neighborhood.

When Ordin reached home, his sister was playing on the rug, which was laid on the ground floor, and her mother was trying to open the lid of a large tin can.

"Another week is over," said Ordin cheerfully.

"Two weeks later, high school ends, Did you have a plan for the future?" Nepher asked while she was putting food in canned vegetables on the plates.

"I don't know, I have no idea," said Ordin.

"Your father can arrange you a job at the mine where he works," Nepher said.

"In fact, I don't intend to stay in the underworld, I will go up to the surface," said Ordin.

"I love your jokes," said Nepher while putting metal spoons on the table. Like many mothers, she was bound by love and admiration for the children she was born and raised. The Ordin had his big nose from his father and big black eyes from his mother.

"Sheep and cows go up to the surface to graze, and those famous demons that no one has ever seen do nothing to them," he said.

"It was a good joke, but let's not let it go anymore," Nepher said, getting serious.

"They do nothing to the greenhouse galleries covering the top floor of the city," said Ordin.

"Because the farmers do not go to the surface, the light is transmitted through mirrors. No one has ever been able to go to the surface and return," Nepher said.

"If they're so bad, why don't they come underground."

"Because as long as we are underground, the holy volcano protects us."

Ordin didn't believe in three-legged demons or holy volcano, but he didn't need to extend the matter. She didn't want her mother to worry.

After eating his food, he left the house saying, "I'm going to go for a walk," and then he got on the electric train and went back to the city center. He met his classmate Sitta at one of the coffee shops in the square. Like many places in the Undercity, the shop was darkish, electricity produced by the sacred volcano was not enough to illuminate the city entirely.

"Today's the big day, huh?" Sitta said.

"There's no need to exaggerate it, I'm going to walk around the surface and come back," said Ordin.

Sitta whispered, "Do not speak aloud, do you want to go to jail."

"I will bring the wildflowers from above to let you give your lover Derma, you can say that you bought those special flowers from greenhouses," said Ordin, who did not need to lower his voice, he had no fear of anyone.

"I will not go to the surface as we speak, I will wait for you in the barn," Sitta whispered. One day he visited his father, he discovered that there was no guard at the exit of a barn group. His father was sick, and he was at home. They decided it was time to take action.

They got out of the coffee shop and got on one of the vast freight elevators that came up to the floor of the stables. Sitta told the elevator officer that he had taken a message from his mother to his father who worked in the barn. The elevator attendant did not believe this lie, but as Sitta put a silver coin in his pocket, he did not make any noise. Sitta was proud to discover that the elevator attendant was bribing, returned to Ordin and blinked in a cheerful mood.

As soon as he got up, they were greeted with the smell of manure. The cows came from the grasslands on Earth heated the air from the chimneys with their breath and covered the stone floor with almost entirely fertilized. No one was interested in this mess while Sitta's father was sick.

Ordin entered the upward sloping channel where the cows continued to arrive intermittently and began to move fast inside. The tunnel that farmers and barn workers were forbidden to enter smelled worse than the barn because nobody had cleaned the manure in it for months. The length of the tunnel was much more than Ordin had predicted. He continued walking in the ascending tunnel, drawing large spiral upwards. He was very excited to see the Earth for the first time, and he was not afraid of three-legged demons. The road, which seemed never to end, finally ended, and Ordin stepped to the Earth where no man has been standing for decades.

It was so bright that he had to close his eyes to get used to the light. To protect from the sunlight, he put his hand on his eyes and looked at the environment. There were a green meadow and a wooded area in front of it. "I knew there was no such thing as a three-legged demon," he said to himself. The cow passing by looked at Ordin, thinking it was called.

The three-legged robots were not delayed to determine that Ordin was on the surface. The order they were given was clear. When a second robot approved the definition process, an apple-sized guided mine jumped out like an arrow. A few seconds later, Ordin was vaporized with the cow next to him.

Part 2

When the Ordin did not return from the Earth, Sitta had a great regret to be involved in this incident and confessed to his mother and father the action they performed with Ordin. There was also a minority in the city who thought that three-legged demons were a lie invented to deceive the people, but none had dared to go to earth as Ordin did. Sitta's father told about the incident only a close friend who worked in the stables and his friend did not keep his word in preserving the secret. In a dark cellar where they drank wine, he opened the matter to his friends and the news spread rapidly among the public. The event had such a big impact on the people of the underground city that the next evening almost all the neighborhood forums discussed this issue. One of them was on the New Tunnel district, where Ordin was born and raised. In the small amphitheater in the neighborhood, the man who appeared on the podium was excited.

“I'm an ignorant man. That's why I've never dared to get on that podium before. But I have a brain like everyone else. Tonight I said to myself, these people are your people, get out and talk in front of them.”

The forum was quite crowded, a few people of the audience waved their hands to show that they appreciated his words.

“Ordin, the son of this neighborhood, is not with us today. Because he was a victim of a brutal murder up there. Why are our children facing these ruthless monsters instead of the city administration? The whole neighborhood knows what a useless man I am. And what does the city administration do? They tell us that electricity makes our lives easier and that we're developing rapidly. If that's the case, why don't we start a war on those monsters? I promise you, I'll be the second to go up after Ordin if the war breaks.”

In the audience, there was Akman, the famous philosopher of the city. He hasn't spoken or published a clay tablet in a long time. There were those who suggested that he had lost his thinking ability and even gone mad as he is old. He was sympathetic to the man talking on the podium, he showed this raising his hand up and waving a little. There were people in the community who didn't like the idea of war, and they expressed their thoughts by raising their arms diagonally.

"I'm sorry if I said the wrong things. My heart tells me that Ordin knew what was going to happen to him. He gave us a sign. He sacrificed his life to burn the flame of resistance. I think we should take this noble call. And finally, I would like to say, don't be afraid, don't be afraid.”

The city administration was immediately informed of the sad incident, and they did not want it to be heard by the public. Humanity has not been unable to rise to the surface of the earth for hundreds of years. If an attempt was to be made in this direction, this operation had to be carried out in a way that would be far from populist feelings and concerns.

What was going on over the city, which was built into a large plateau, was observed from the inside with a mirrored mechanism. President Omay listened to the way the incident occurred from three separate officers in the observation rooms. What happened to Ordin was like a declaration of a well-known phenomenon. Many times in history, there have been attempts to resist the unknown tyrants on Earth, but all these attempts have resulted in frustration.

The High Council of the city gathered in the dim hall located on the ground floor of the presidential campus. The floor of the hall where the meeting was held was covered with white marble with blue veins and the walls were covered with red bricks. On the wall behind the presidential seat with statues of lion and pars, there was a picture of a double-headed eagle, the symbol of the city. On both sides of the picture, the Carpathian lights were on. These lamps were used even after the invention of electricity because they were functioning as a sensor for detecting oxygen levels as well as lighting.
Following the short entry by President Omay, the City Council President Hader has spoken.

“Dear fellow townsmen, I salute you all. Two days ago, a brother moved into his eternal life. I'm so sorry about the incident. I wished this young brother to behave in a manner appropriate to our customs and traditions. He was yet in the spring of his life and he has made a wrong move unknowingly, and unfortunately, the results have been heavy. Fortunately, our internal security department has taken the necessary measures to prevent this incident from happening again.

I am concerned by the tendency among the people to start a campaign towards the earth. I would like to express my absolute opposition to such an initiative. According to our faith, we have been condemned to live underground for some sins committed by our ancestors. However, thanks to the common sense and patriotism of the people of the underground city, we have made this place our home. So our gods have not punished us in fact, and we are able to appreciate the gift that has been given to us. In this sheltered city, we are protected from scorching heat in summer, freezing cold in winter, epidemics, rain, snow, storms. Ever since we landed underground, we've been rid of the plague of war. Our ancestors lived the days when the emperors and kings were deceived by evil demons and the blood of the brother was poured out. We have a democratic government now, and the welfare of our people is rising day by day. We can worship freely and thank our gods for the opportunities they have provided us.

I think the gods will one day allow our people to ascend to the Earth. I think we'll be in a position to figure out when the signs of this show up. Until then, we have to show a patient and a hard-working attitude. I believe that if we act according to common sense, we will see much better days. Let us not attempt a madness and disturb the peace of our people.”

Hader was a tall man, with his beard curled like a crescent under his chin. He was among the prominent candidates of the council presidency. Hader was called as "forked beard" among the people.

After Hader, Amara, the commander of the law enforcement officers in the city, took the word. Amara was a tall, dark, broad-faced woman. Her tightly knit hair was anchored by miniature tokens representing weapons such as machine pistols, net-throw guns, needle knobs, electroshock-grenades, which were used by armed forces.

“I want to start by saying that I share the sadness and anger of the people of our city. I regard the action against an unarmed young man as an insult to our people. My personal opinion is that an operation against the three-legged should be carried out and the response would be given. The three-legged should leave the land on our city. The armed forces are ready to make all the sacrifices they need to make.”

“Like Amara, I am very angry. There is an army of tyrants on top of us who spur blood for centuries. We'll have to face them sooner or later. Even if we want to avoid it, the people will force us to action. Before we engage in any conflict, you need to recognize the enemy and understand its capabilities. Unfortunately, we're not in a good position in this manner. My intuition tells me extraordinary days are coming. Extraordinary times require unusual measures. Despite his unpleasant reputation among the city's elite, I intend to bring philosopher Akman to the advisory task of this process.” said Omay.

“Although he has given great works in his youth, he has an unpleasant reputation not only in the elites but also among the people,” Hader said.

“Akman is 71 years old and is not crazy or demented. He wasn't a different person in his youth. I'm sure he will bring us useful suggestions,” Omay said.

Hader rubbed two pieces of fork beard with both hands, “I have fulfilled my duty to warn on both issues. Discretion is yours.” When he had to accept a situation that didn't fit into him, he always rubbed his beard.

“We have decided to gather as much information as possible about the tyrants, to use Akman as a consultant in this process, and to hold the people's pulse carefully on the three-legged demons. We can end the meeting if anyone does not want to make an additional comment," said President Omay.

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