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Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 22: Childhood of Albatross


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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 22: Childhood of Albatross

Ogox, Albatross and Oglena had no intention of talking, as they were walking under the caramel-colored sky with the wind that crossed the steep slopes of the south and reached Square Park. In the colossal park adorned with the plane, spruce, pine and poplar trees, they were watching “floating” swan and ducks on the shore instead of the canals, because no one was interested in the maintenance of their programs. Storks were never missing from the hills of the trees, and suddenly the magnificent peacock birds appeared. In this ultra-high-resolution virtual city, surrounded by invisible pixels, Ogox felt like he was in his home, he never experienced the feeling of being trapped as he did in the three-dimensional real world.

Oglena seemed pleased with the way with her long thin body, which resembled the storks located on the branches of the trees. Although she was a 40-year-old woman, she looked like a tall boy who had yet any mustache. She had neither breasts that were apparent at first glance nor broad hips; her unambitious personality seemed to have led to the atrophy of his femininity over time. As she was walking through the steps with comfort, she was still exhibiting a confident image in her unpretentious nature. Se had no interest in the world, and she didn't care about what she was told about. Thank for these character traits, she was one of the rare people who could get along with Albatross.

Oglena began to speak as if she were inspired by the storks flying from the top of the spruce tree in front of them: "As people do not know his childhood, many people would be unjust to Albatross by giving unfair judgments about him. I'm glad you are not like them, Mr. Ogox, you care about him."

“I value all conscious beings because I know that we are not different from each other in essence," Ogox said. He felt comfortable with Oglena even though he had just met her.

“We grew up together in the orphanage. When Ogox was born, it was said that his mother threw Albatross in the garbage because he didn't look like a human baby. One of the drunkards who came out of the tavern thought he was a hamster, when he found him in a garbage can, he put him in his pocket and took him home. He fed him for a few weeks in his recently deceased hamster cage, giving goat milk and beer. Albatross quickly recovered in the cage with the feeding milk that the drunk gave him and reached the strength to cry. When the drunkard heard that little Albatross cried like a human baby on an evening where he didn't provide him with beer to calm down, he realized that he made a big mistake and left him to the orphanage.

As soon as he saw Albatros, the director who ruled the orphanage for forty years, decided that he was an excellent opportunity for the orphanage. He thought Albatros would be accepted and embraced in the orphanage and would give the children morale with his appearance and speech. One time the principal said to me, ' I know from my 40 years of experience that every human baby needs someone around whom he sees inferior.’ As a matter of fact, Albatross and his story became very popular among children. Albatross was perhaps small and underestimated, but he was never deprived of interest, which is an essential food a human baby needs. Even as he grows up, and his personality shifts to extreme points, the interest of children continued."

“You act like I brought you here to tell us about my childhood. Don't bother Mr. Ogox with these boring stories. He is a respectable android with a critical mission. I don't know how accurate it is to expect someone who has no respect for herself to respect others. Don't think I'm uncomfortable listening to the story of my surrender to the orphanage. On the contrary, when I was a child, I told this story with great pleasure by adding surprising new detail to every new person I met. I have told the girls versions of this story so much that, it would have been a book that would break sales records. For example, it's a comical lie that my mother left me because I did not look like a human being. No matter how much misfortune faced such a noblewoman, she wouldn't throw her son in the street because he was smaller than he should have been. It is also a great slander that she tried to get rid of me because I am the unwelcome result of brutal mass rape. When that poor noblewoman was a famous singer years later, remembering the son she left, having a private investigator by giving her a big buck to find her baby and take care of him. I was eight years old when I was visited in the orphanage by a private investigator who found where I lived by evaluating the clues. When the private detective did not listen to my request not to inform my mother about my presence, I had to have a conversation with my mother, which I kept carefully from children in the orphanage. I learned the real reason why she left me in this conversation. When I was born, my mother was experiencing the most advanced stages of leprosy. When she saw that I was born with a sparkling skin, her joy poured as tears. She was worried that the disease would pass on to me. This clean-hearted, noblewoman was too ugly to look at her face because of her leprosy. Illegal drugs she used for leprosy treatment, apparently left irreparable damage to her skin. Her ugly face played a certain role in denying her offer to live together as much as my happiness in the orphanage. God forgive me. Sometimes I get into such low-profile manners that I hate myself, and I hate the world. The fact that I was close to the Oglena was a result of such a disgusting intent. Being a poor teenager with a small body doesn't prevent your sexual desires" said Albatross.

“Albatross is like this, Mr. Ogox, once he starts bragging, we can't stop him,” Oglena said.


They sat in one of the banks facing the canal. Ducks, peacocks, and swans weren't around. With its blue-white wings and long green tail, a saxophone has landed on the edge of the canal and drank water, and then it took off as if it was in a hurry and disappeared.

Albatros continued to speak: “I am a very different person than you think. Despite his superior intelligence, even Mr. Ogox is unaware of it. I'm stronger than I look. I take my power from the infinity of dreams and the inviolability of ideas. The mythical hypernet creature, Plato, might solve my mystery if he would not do anything else for months. I know you won't believe me because I have a habit of lying. But I swear to God everything I say is true.”

"Then you must share this important secret with us," Ogox said. He thought they had lost time by focusing too much on Albatross's childhood memories.

Albatros gave a tone of pride to his voice, “when the time comes; everyone learns everything.” he said.

“My dear friend's desire to impress others is extreme. It was always like this.” Oglena said.

The dark clouds concentrated in the caramel-colored sky could be a sign of the approaching rain. “What are people talking on the streets about our last action?“ Ogox asked.

"People have not yet realized the greatness of the event,” Albatross said.

"Am I allowed to say my ideas?" Oglena asked.

“Of course,” said Ogox.

"I think they're trying to figure out who wins. At least that's what I'm doing.”

Albatros seemed disturbed by Oglena's speech about the struggle, and he said in a hurry: "do you know why it is so hard to change the settled order? When the obstacles are overcome, they create new and more difficult obstacles to overcome. I'm a street thinker, don't throw it away. Elite androids and large populations of people who have become hypernet rats are not aware of their power. They don't know they have to take action. We must all be the bricks of this new wall. Let's get our movement in the audience, tell everyone that change is necessary. If we destroy the wall of fear, freedom will emerge. Finding new ways, my dear friends is possible. When I said, 'I will be able to fly like birds without using any mechanical equipment,' they made fun of me for years. They underestimated me for being a dwarf. Without knowing that the source of power was a weakness, they burdened to me by rude words, even brazen hands jokes. They didn't like my presence, my perseverance. I was forcing the limits they assumed existed. It depends what you can afford on what you can accomplish, don't forget it Oglena.”

"I have doubts that Albatross's words have served the purpose," Ogox said.

Albatross was now on the back of the bank where they sat with a sudden jump. Wings appeared like bats from inside his arms, which he opened. He jumped up at the back of the bench, flapping his wings, and landed on one of the branches near the plane tree. He had a sense of happiness and pride on his face as if he was flying for the first time. This time, he took off from the branch and started to drift forward along the channel, glided over the channel for a short time, then returned to the bank. He closed his arms and shook his shoulders, and his wings were gathered and disappeared in his clothing. He was satisfied with his little show, and his pride and joy were visible from the glitter of his eyes.

“From the day I stepped into adolescence to the middle of my twenties, I practiced in a hut outside the city, every day to achieve my goal, with some of the sports tools I developed myself over time. As a young man who lives in the spring of his life, there was no day I got out of bed without pain. There was no human being who had managed to fly without tools at the time, and there was no one who believed that this could be accomplished. By the way, I was trying to make money by doing small-time trades. Although the rumor that a burglary had plagued me at the time was viral in certain environments, it has nothing to do with the truth. In the harsh conditions I experienced, my personality has not been damaged like a gold coin falling into the wasteland. I worked tirelessly and endlessly. After years of training, I had steel muscles, and I had no weight left in my body. Still, as a result of all these work, I couldn't even get out of the ground like a chicken. The doctor I showed my shattered body told me to drop my workout. Otherwise, I'd be crippled for the rest of my life. In the following year, when my muscles get no stronger, I exaggerated my workout, and when I did this, I couldn't get rid of the injuries. My friends kept saying that I would give up this target and that I could not do what the human species could not do for thousands of years. But I was saying that I could fly, that time was on my side since gravity remained constant. But I haven't been able to figure out the secret yet, and I had a feeling that things didn't go the right way. Like that poor hero in Greek mythology, I was tied to a rock at the top of the mountain. Eagles have been coming every day for years and pecking my lungs. I was crying, and my heart was stuck. I felt a lack of sorrow. This feeling seems to pass from time to time when dealing with a job in the hustle of everyday life, but it never left me alone. It was as if many little demons were coming and strangling me every day. To find a way out, I came to a point where I could afford anything, including death, like a wild animal, trapped in a corner. At that time, my friends, fate has given me a great opportunity...”

Ogox intervened: “should we focus on what people think about our struggle?”.

"I ask you to endure ten more minutes, my friend Ogox. Someone else didn't listen before, what I am about to tell you. You should not doubt that you will find the Holy Grail in my story.” Albatross said.

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