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Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 39


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Part 39: A Dark Season

Just because you had faced with great disasters in a row doesn't mean you're not going to meet a new, bigger disaster. Maybe because you're starting to get affected by a cold and dark season. Every time you hope that your bad luck is over, you tend to face a worse event. The man spoke with me on the mobile computer was giving me the news of a significant event by carefully selecting the words. I couldn't focus on what he said, because I was afraid of the devastating impact of what I would hear, even though he communicated with me in a professional discipline. When I ended the interview, I heard words like ‘your friend tuğ,’ ‘intensive care,’ ‘vital danger,’ ‘Levent hospital,’ ‘knife attack.’

As soon as I finished the conversation, my eyes were dark, and I felt like I was going to faint. My heart was beating like crazy. In order not to faint, I took deep breaths and said to myself, " this time, there will be no death." I started crying like a little boy, instead of jumping out of my seat and going to Levent Hospital. Hot tears slipped down my cheeks as I thought that I couldn't do it anymore. The day I was born, a wicked sorcerer should have cursed me. How else could it be explained bad things happened to all the people I was close starting with my mother? After a few minutes of crying, I got up and went to the bathroom, washed my face, changed my clothes, and kept my way to the Levent Hospital.

When I got to the hospital, Zeynep and Deniz were sitting side by side in the lobby looking at things on their mobile computers. As soon as they saw me, they got up, and we hugged sadly. Deniz began to tell without asking: the driver of a truck was trying to park on the pavement, while he was on the sidewalk, honked a horn to make Tuğ move quickly. Tuğ said something to the driver in anger. After the short debate, the driver got out of the truck and attacked Tuğ with a Rambo knife. In the blink of an eye, the driver stabbed the Rambo knife over and over in Tuğ's belly. When he saw the craftsman running towards him, he jumped into the truck and left there. To avoid wasting time waiting for the ambulance, a young man took Tuğ in his lap, threw him in his car and brought him to the hospital in a few minutes. Tuğ has lost blood, and his organs had severe damage, after the first intervention immediately taken in intensive care, the danger of death was ongoing. Tuğ's father, who lives in Munich, departed to Istanbul on the first plane.

How many times did I warn Tuğ to talk to people in a more moderate tone, I was worried that a psychopath would attack him, and that was what I was afraid of. I was ready to believe in God if it would help Tuğ get through this with the least damage, I tried to pray, and then I gave up the prayer because I didn't know the way. I had no choice but to expect the doctors to do their job well. Interventions in the intensive care unit were supported by eight bags of blood given. The biggest problem was Tuğ's damaged liver. In a few hours, Tuğ's friends and Berkan came to the hospital's lobby. Each new arrival was conveyed in all known details, and further information was learned from them about the development of the event and the situation of Tuğ. It was a miracle that Tuğ had been able to survive after all the damage.

At the end of three long hours we couldn't hear from him because nobody didn't come in and out, everyone in the lobby had become anxious. “How long has he been silent? They must be hiding the bad news from us.” We were angry with Berkan, who said that even though we were thinking about similar things. Zeynep said to Berkan, “Don't tell us about a disaster,” angrily.

I wondered if all this was a warning to me that the universe had given? Did this happen to me because I neglected my loved ones when I was chasing for money and dignity? Otherwise, all this happened to everyone in the ordinary course of life, and I was unable to meet them with courage. No matter how careful and energetic human beings are, it was impossible to control everything.

A white-haired man walked in through the lobby door while we waited anxiously. I assumed that this man was the father of Tuğ; his green eyes, long legs, and walking style resembled him.

“Did you come for Tuğ?” I asked him.

”Yes, I am his father, " said father, Mehmet. He added with an unexpected open heart, “I hope so. Since childhood, I've told him a hundred times: Tuğ, don't do that, son, there a thousand kinds of people, you're going to get into trouble. He did not listen to me, continued to go straight up his nose."

“I have warned him too many times about this, there is no evil in him, but he does not know how to behave properly.”

Tuğ's father was an R & D director at a French pharmaceutical company, and he was a full-fledged businessman, not interested in his mother and Tuğ. As far as I can tell, there was never a close relationship between Tuğ and his father, and Mehmet probably thought that the material facilities he provided were sufficient for his son. Tuğ, though, like every human being, liked to be cared for. I asked Mehmet what to drink.

“Thank you, Samet, I don't want anything.”

He didn't object when I said,” I'm going to buy myself some coffee, and I'm going to get you one."

Our wait at the hospital lobby lasted for long. As time went on, our concerns increased, and our nerves were stretched due to hunger because no one could go out for dinner. Tuğ's father contacted the hospital administration and asked one of the doctors inside to inform us. A short young doctor stepped out of the intensive care unit and approached us. He had a tired and anxious expression on his face. We were impatient to listen to the doctor building a half-circle around him.

“Our patient's complications are quite complex, multiple organ damage was detected in the operations performed,” the doctor said. "First, the liver was intervened; during this operation, additional problems such as kidney failure and colon leakage emerged. It took a lot of time to control his blood pressure because of blood loss. Our physicians are working cautiously and carefully to keep our patient out of vital danger. I'm guessing that our patient will be in intensive care for a long time. His doctors stated that I would be more comfortable to say he will be good if we could survive the next 48 hours. I will be back to the patient in a moment, our physicians are trying to cure the patient, and you will not hesitate to say your prayers.”

"Do you think he'll survive, doctor?"Berkan asked ”

”It is impossible to say a sure thing, as I said he had involved complications, let's hope that he will be fine soon, " said the young doctor.

"What is the best chance?" Mehmet asked.

The doctor said, “We hope there is no permanent damage to the organs.”

From the next day, the crowd waiting in the lobby scattered their homes and jobs. All day long, I was interested in getting some medicine that wasn't in the hospital at the pharmacy, taking care of visitors, answering the doctors ' questions about technological junk. In the evening, all of the members of the society of those who worried about Tuğ's health re-filled the hospital lobby. Because it was understood that the vital danger had disappeared, anxiety-laden conversations in the hall had been replaced by daily discussions of news, gossip, and jokes. Of course, the news about the health status of Tuğ continued to be given and received. Damage to the internal organs was a vital source of concern. Especially the left kidney and liver dysfunction was important.

On the other hand, doctors said that Tuğ's overall health was getting better every day. Some risks had to be dealt with attention and sensitivity, and it was necessary to be in cautious optimism. The physicians successfully managed the expectations of the relatives who worried about Tuğ's health. Time was the cure for everything.

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