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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 9


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Part 9

In the last ten years when Selim Özben began to accompany our lives, my readers ask me the same question in different ways: why do Selim Özben's dreams affect us so much? Why are we waiting for that night's dream with sleepy eyes in the late hours of the night instead of waiting for the next day and watching it at a reasonable hour? What spiritual needs Selim Özben's dreams correspond to and we love him as a member of our family? What is the most critical feature that distinguishes his dreams from others? It's not easy to answer all those questions that point to the same direction, even for an experienced dream critic like me, because aside from being a critic, I have more than one reason why I like the dream artist's dreams as an audience. If I write the reasons that come to my mind, starting with the first one on my mind, I must first mention the elegance of these dreams. In this unfortunate age where everyone is in an unnecessary rush, in late night, in a dream where events can come to exaggerated consequences due to their inner logic, elegance, which has penetrated all the sounds, words, images, creates a strong sense of purification.

In a Selim Özben dream, the prey of a tiger, a bird's wing flap, the merging of two eager bodies, the dance of a ballerina, the events take place in an extraordinary softness, in a flowing rhythm like water. Even the most terrible, saddest events create a sense of harmony with the overall dream. Another side that draws my attention to the dream artist's dreams and makes them unique is the incredible variety of dreams. The variety I'm talking about is widespread in places, people, objects and emotions, and a Selim Özben dreams are never recognizable from a particular element contained in it. It is as if all the content of life on Earth is lined up to be represented in Selim Özben's dreams. You know well that you will sooner or later see all the manifestations of humankind as you follow his dreams. Of course, this diversity does not mean that there are no unique themes in his dreams, feelings more often aroused than others; in all this abundance of human, object, emotion, space, and impressions, his dreams point to the exceptional objects of us, more striking, more burning emotions than others. His dreams are known immediately, no matter where they are traced, because of the unique integrity they harbor by the audience. You're bored in the midst of a heated debate around the same issues, and suddenly you find yourself in front of a blue sea to the horizon while you're relaxed, and suddenly you see the threatening giant waves coming to you from far away. Perhaps more important than all of this is that Selim Özben's dreams whisper to us about our existence. Continuous changing scenes, menacing images; the sound of nature, like the wind's humming, the sound of thunder, the sound of waves hitting the shore, the sounds of nature are the indirect answers given to fundamental questions about our existence. What happens in Selim Özben's dreams is like the usual things that can be seen in a dream. You hear a lot of people say, “it's a lot like my dreams, it's an interpreter to my dreams.” The images I've been watching can well be my dream, and you feel a great pleasure to be part of the adventure that develops in the dream. Your perceptions have been opened to the end, wrapped in the elegance of the dream, in a state of pleasure and curiosity, you wish that it never ends. When you are watching Selim Özben's dreams, you get rid of the ordinary events, narrow horizons, the things we do over and over again every day, the simple daily concerns, the mental sterility that imprisons us. You get rid of the imagination and enter into a realm of wonder; in the end, you think that you are part of an important event.

Another feature of Selim Özben dreams is that they continue to echo in your mind after watching; while performing your work in a calm mood at the office, you re-animate the vision you have seen at night, think about the turning points of the dream, its stunning images, its paradoxes, and smile. At the end of the day, you will think of a dream again, and you will feel good for catching details that is not sufficiently appreciated. Perhaps you would even consider sharing this detail with a friend, but you would abandon it by worrying that it would not create the same excitement in her. In this unfortunate age, I know, you're all busy with a lot of things, and maybe you can't give the full rights of any of them. So for now, let's finish our conversation about Selim Özben's dreams without further narrowing your time to other things.

I folded my computer and put it in my pocket, and I turned around and asked Marlo, “When was the last time you saw Selim Özben? I want you to give me the information as a robot, not vague words like a human being, with the exact date, time, and status description.”

”I'm not authorized to talk about it," Marlo said in an emotionless voice.

”I'm in charge here, and I want you to answer the question I asked you right away."

"Galip Bey asked me to do the necessary service to you, but not to answer the questions related to the investigation to avoid misunderstandings. I apologize for not being able to help you,” Marlo said.

"Galip Bey cannot prevent a public official from obtaining the information he wants. If you insist on not giving me the information I want, he will be guilty under the law.”

”If you'll excuse me, I'd like to consult with him about this."

“There's no way Galip Bey can authorize you not to give me the information I want because he doesn't have that right.”

"When I review the procedures I have to comply with, I see that public laws and regulations are a priority. I have made it clear that you are a first-class senior researcher, Ruhi Bulut, who has been working at the Interior Security Department for 20 years. In that case, it seems reasonable for you to ask me for information. I also know that I have an option to refuse to inform you, but I do not have the expertise to assess the legal consequences of this. Failure to comply with the clear instruction that is given by Galip Bey, who owns my property, may result in a lawsuit for compensation. It would not be appropriate for me to do evil to the company that has created us. As you can see, the situation seems so complex that a home robot, who does everyday things like me, can handle.”

“You must know that disobedience to orders is an undesirable situation for an android and that there are androids that have led to the deletion of the software of an entire android generation because they are experiencing events similar to the confusion you are experiencing right now. I want you to answer my question immediately.”

I thought it was ready to answer my questions, but the longer I waited, the longer the response was delayed. It was still looking at me. It was probably exposed to a full lockout beyond the thought loop. I'd rerun it by unplugging the battery, but taking into account the legal drawbacks and the fact that getting results is not guaranteed, I didn't attempt such a thing.

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