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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 45


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Part 45

When I woke up the next morning, it was about to be noon. I got up from my bed energetically and headed to the bathroom. Although I hadn't had a drop of water the other night, my urine was as clear as water. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I put my hand in the scan area next to the sink and blew into the detector next to the mirror. Health screening system should have decided that I'm healthy "no negative symptoms was detected" caption appeared in the mirror. Physiology was okay, but I thought psychology was suspicious.

Since I have almost completed the Selim Özben investigation, I should have not to further delay calling my parents. I ate the breakfast that Asima prepared at my table in the hall. I told my cell phone to call my father and project the picture of him on the wall screen when he answered.

A few seconds later, my father's image appeared on the screen.

“How are you, Ruhi,” he said with a smile that was never missing on his face.

I said,” I'm fine; you also look good, you have benefited the ocean air I suppose."

“I don't like to hear the words like this, and I don't believe them, but thanks anyway, I'm directing the picture in my glasses, watch, you will like it,” he said.

I began to watch the ocean through my father's glasses; he was on deck, there were a few albatross following the ship, diving into the water that the engine was mixing, looking for food.

I said, “Albatross are great animals; they look impressive.”

“Lucky for you, I saw them chasing the ship for the first time,” he said, when I saw him in the left half of the screen, he had a noble expression on his face, and his long, white hair was waving in the wind.

“You look so classy; I'm proud to be your son.”

“Did you get a stone on your head? You never spoke like that; you know I don't like that kind of talk.”

“I think I missed you; how is my mother doing?”

“When we got married, she was a sane woman, but as her age went on she got crazy, she planned to put a chip in my brain, and she even made an appointment to a hospital in Los Angeles, without any effort to ask me."

“My mother's plans become more daring as the years go by; what happens when they put a chip in your head?”

“It is supposed to suppress negative thoughts, by the way, and I should say goodbye to all my creativity, but your mother doesn't care."

"She didn't tell me about this project.”

“Surprise, she said; surprise brain surgery, nurses blast champagne, doctors dance in the operating room with joy.”

“Was she upset when you refused the surgery?”

He fixed his long white hair flying in the ocean breeze, “She was upset when she heard, but her resentment didn't last long because she doesn't see me as an adult, and she soon returned to her ex-enthusiastic state of self-confidence. The best way to manage your mother is to create the impression that she directs you, and aside from the operation, I always use this principle.”

"When will you be in Turkey?”

“We'il be there in a week, and I missed my garden and bridge friends.”

“Take care; I'm waiting.”

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