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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 44


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Part 44

In his second marriage, the sense of happiness sprouted and flourished in Doruk, led to the revealing of his longing for his son. He was getting old, and his wife, Damla, had given birth to the calm and happy babies. These twin babies, one male, and one female seemed to be the most valuable treasures in his life. The thought that he was unfair to his son, Galip, began to gnaw him from inside like a worm. Galip was a part of his life, and like every child, he deserved his father's attention. His ex-wife, Seçil, took a mature and noble attitude during their separation and assured Doruk that he would meet with his son at any time. After the twins were born, Doruk started seeing Galip every week. For Galip, these talks did not have any special meaning and compared to his mother; he did not feel any emotional closeness to this man, who looked like a prodigious lady. However, since he was told to be his father, he followed his words and attitudes carefully, especially in the days when they have been at home, he found the conversations with his wife and mother-in-law foolish. He never wanted to live with a family life like this. As a child living in an apartment, her father's life in this villa with a large garden, pool and many rooms on each floor seemed luxurious. As the years passed, he realized that experience in the villa where he went as a guest was different not only for physical comfort but also for mood. His mother, his aunt, his mother's friends, who often went in and out of their homes, were more anxious, sincere, thoughtful people than those in his father's house. The heated debates as if they were getting their souls roasted, the hostilities with hatred, the famine and the embrace in tears were the events that Galip frequently witnessed. He was like a bridge between two worlds.

Of course, he was on his mother's side, and as he grew older, he was filled with the desire to show his father's circle what a great person he was. Seçil's reputation has grown parallel with her film critique archive. This fame was perhaps not financially significant, but when Galip graduated from the cinema institute, it made it easy for Galip to find work in the leading directors' films. He was a gaffer for a while, followed by a cameraman. Even though he did not demand a high wage due to his extreme perfectionism, he was never a very sought-after employee. As a result of his obsession with details, work could be extended, and frequent discussions with the staff could cause the environment to become unpleasant. After a while, his unpleasant reputation led him to the point where he could not find a job despite his mother's support. With the guidance of one of his friends, he started working on visual effects and mounting issues. Three-dimensional films have already become a norm, and the number of scenes created with visual effects in movies has been increasing rapidly. Dealing with program menus and code on a computer was much better than working with people. He could deal with a dragon who would appear in the film for three seconds until midnight to create the desired effect on the audience. Sometimes he would have seen the dream of the scene he had been working on for a long time.

The apartment they lived with her mother for years was like a studio full of cinema. While her mother watched the films she projected onto the wall in the hall and noted them; he created a scene of war or the images of aliens who were invading the world in ancient times, across the giant screen computer in the room. As his age progressed, he learned to restrain and soften his reactions to a certain extent, even if his temper and easily angered nature did not change. Nevertheless, he was too harsh for any employee to work with. He began to work with an assistant that has allowed his career to progress quickly. A producer who liked his visual effects proposed directing a zombie film project to Galip. The film was neither very successful in the box office nor the artistic sense. Galip was not satisfied with his first feature film, but he had earned the friendship of his assistant Toprak Kenter. Of course, the primary initiator of this friendship was Toprak Kenter, which absorbed the harsh blows of Galip's inner unrest, and softened it. He neither responded to the Insult and humiliation of Galip nor was he shrugged in the face of them. For the first time after his mother, he met a strong character capable of managing him. With the help Toprak Kenter, he produced many films that were among the classics of Turkish cinema such as The Grief, The Way of No Return, Green Tulip, Nature of the Goods.

As a pioneer in the application of visual effects to drama-style photographic films, he started a new movement in cinema. There were a variety of rumors about what causes a myth of the cinema to pass into the realm of dream art suddenly. We have no precise knowledge of the subject since he neither given interviews to the press nor said a word to his relatives because of his reserved personality. It may have been effective that Toprak Kenter left him and started shooting his films after 20 years of collaboration. In his first film without Toprak Kenter, it is known that the actors left the job because of Galip's attitude.

Selim Özben and Galip Salik did not speak about their private lives nor their work; nobody knows how their cooperation started. It is not hard to imagine that Selim Özgen has influenced Galip with his extraordinary intuition and unerring ability in artistic matters. Since the dream art is mostly independent of language and local culture, a worldwide success can be thought to motivate Galip.

Selim Özgen balanced the attitudes of Galip with his unique self-confidence and his calm and cynical responses. Selim Özben was calm and distant; Galip was fiery and aggressive. They united around a common artistic purpose and created world-class works. About two months ago, Galip suffered the pain of losing his mother, who loved and protected him for life. And while his mother's grief was still fresh, he was shaken by the disappearance of Selim Özben. We are curious about how this veteran director will pursue his career.

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