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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 43

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Part 43

When Seçil and Galip got home at 8:30 in the morning, Doruk was still asleep. He didn't even bother calling his son and his wife, who didn't show up all night. Doruk opened his eyes to the day with the voice of Galip crying, and he did not say a word to Seçil who said bitter words because of the stress and fatigue of the night. Even the baby triumphed and watched his mother with fear. If Seçil has questioned him more calmly, perhaps he would defend himself, and the parties would have the opportunity to empty their negative energies in the ongoing debate. Instead, Doruk left the house saying “I'm going” and never returned.

Galip struggled with the unrest that covered his mind like a fierce ivy throughout his life. The sense of nothingness and discontent pursued him, and they managed to keep a significant place in Galip's mind. His spirit was like a piece of land that was invaded by couch grass and nettles. They were re-growing in the gloomy land of his soul, which he thought he had removed, discarded, and left behind. After a while, he concluded that trying to change the mood is futile. Taking advantage of the passion of wildlife could have been a way out. People would not give up judging him. Most of them were too dumb and would never understand him.

Only Seçil understood his suffering through the motherhood instinct and the bloodline. As Galip grew, he repeatedly tested his mother, the only person in life who loves him, with whims he took to the extreme. No matter what he did, seeing his mother not moving away from him gave comfort to his soul, allowing him to breathe. As he grew older, leaning on her mother was not enough to adapt to life. When he was busy with a job such as leading the toy soldiers, drawing hell-demons or reading books he felt his distress decreased. He quickly learned reading and made a quick entrance to the world of books. There were difficult obstacles to overcome among other children. He found them comfortable, carefree and foolish; he wanted them to take him among them; on the other hand, he did not want to give them the slightest compromise. He had no intention of being subject to anyone and wanted to be free and independent as an eagle living on the rocks. When Galip was at the age of the school, his mother was focused on business life, realizing that the interest in cinema was increasing day by day, and she embarked on some commercial writing. With endless energy, she wrote introductory articles about the films she watched without making any distinction between the old and the new, selling them for small fees on the internet. Galip was looking at the movies that his mother watched while reading books or playing games on the computer. He could see that cinema was the door to a broad and prosperous world. Over time, he learned from his mother that great directors had a full grasp of the details in the films. In the movies, he was watching the heroes who were thrown into new adventures with radical decisions like his father.

Doruk had questioned himself for a long time after leaving his wife and his work on the same day. He was not a character to be alone in the mountains like wolves. He didn't have any problems with social norms. As a result of his second job interview, he achieved his desired managerial position. He didn't care too much about the fact that he was paid less than his previous job. After the official divorce proceedings were completed, and his anger had subsided, he realized with astonishment that he had missed Seçil. He even wanted to see his son, whom he remembered crying all the time. Doruk considered these as bad feelings that might obscure his future life.

In recent months, it was understood that he had to raise his head and devote time to the affairs. His quest didn't take long. He met Damla Tumsoy at the launch of a new project. When they saw each other, they felt like they had met before. In the words of a common friend, the lines of their faces looked like two halves of an apple. It was like Doruk won a lottery.

Damla was the only girl of a wealthy family who smiled in the eye. She grew up in a loving family environment and was a reasonable person. It was the first time for both that something called love, at first sight, had happened. Damla's energy revived and motivated Doruk. With self-confidence that his wealthy fiancée had been vaccinated, he managed to take a salary package that would increase his income by fifty percent before the wedding. They got married a year after they met. In a short time, Doruk was accepted by the Tumsoy family with respect.

On Seçil and Galip side, things were not going equally well. Even though there were a lot of men courting her and her job was going well, Seçil didn't feel happy. As a large number of young people who were interested in cinema started supporting her writing and she grew her business, she thought it was not what was important in life. His friends never embraced Galip at the school; they were making fun of his shortness, long chin, and all-hearted speech. The teachers followed this uncompromising and distant child who never laughed with respect. He had a vocabulary that was far beyond his age, and he was able to pack these words with great skill and throw them on his adversaries like a bomb. He had a great talent for painting; the harmony of colors he used, the breadth of imagination, and the originality of the subjects he painted was brilliant.

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