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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 42


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Part 42

My sleep ran away for no return. It didn't take long to find and bring together the keys to reach the open biographies in the forums where I reviewed the records. I downloaded the encyclopedic information display application on my mobile computer, which I remember was recommended by an old friend. In the beginning, the app seemed to resist assembling scattered elements of Galip Salik's open biography consisted of image, text, and video. The content of accessible biographies contributed by different authors appeared to be distributed on the internet, due to the controversial legal statuses. In the case of legal prosecution, those who provided the pieces of information that constitute the biographies were defending themselves by expressing that the content was what they had said to their close friends in private conversations. After waiting for several minutes, I instructed the application to cancel the video and pictures and only to collect the text. A minute later the text file was ready.

"After his mother's healthy pregnancy period, Galip was born as a normal baby in every aspect. Mother Seçil and Father Doruk had hoped that the baby would repair the cracks in their marriage. Their excitement at the beginning of their marriage has long gone away, and there were lots of distance between them. In the early days when the baby was born with its bright eyes close to each other, its small nose and the tiny body, it collected the sympathy of those who saw him, especially his parents, but he began to cry for hours at a fast pace that had been increasing day after day.

Consulted doctors talked about gas, pain, and angry nature. The medications were not even enough to alleviate the problem. Galip was crying almost continuously for the whole time he was awake. His face was bruised, he was weeping too much, he stopped breathing and worried the audience, and he was screaming like he was under torture. The disappointing part of the issue was that there was no improvement in Galip's situation over time. Doruk was on the edge of a significant turn in his career, and the furious crybaby, like the flame ball in the house, never helped him. Due to his delicate situation, he asked for privileges such as sleeping in a remote room and staying at work for at least two or three days of the week until midnight. Mother Seçil said that if the responsibility of having a child is severe, he could leave the house, but he should share the burden equally if he stays. Doruk's attempt to achieve a less comprehensive compromise was not successful. Mother Seçil defended the order of her home and the needs of her baby like a female lion.

Doruk's life at home was hard, because of the baby; he rarely slept at night. The fact that he stayed awake did not help caused his anger to deteriorate day by day. Baby Galip responded to his father's attempt to calm him down by increasing the intensity of crying without exception, and in such cases, mother Seçil took the baby away with contempt on her face. He tried not to reflect his restlessness at home, his lack of sleep at night to the office and he was chasing the promotion he hoped would be close.

Galip's future has changed with the two dramatic events his parents experienced on the same day, maybe it was impossible to avoid the inevitable, or it was a strange twist of fate. When father Doruk heard that a young colleague, Azim Gurbetov had been assigned the position he was expecting, he felt like the hot water was poured from his head. The office was vacated because everyone had gathered at Azim Gurbetov's new office. He was sitting alone in his chair with a face of anger and jealousy, wondering how he could not recognize the situation before. His son Galip's weeping image had appeared in front of his eyes. Things that went wrong in his private life caused him to lose focus in the office. The company that promoted the wrong person and his wife who didn't care about him would get the necessary answer. He took his way home without waiting for the end of the shift.

It was strange that there were no people in the house, but he did not dwell on it much, making use of the opportunity to make phone calls to the managers of the two companies who had offered him a job before, but implied that he was not in a desperate situation. He spoke with both companies and arranged appointments to discuss the matter in detail. And because he felt that it was beneficial to combat the feeling of failure, he began to work on what he would say and how to introduce himself. He was looking at the documents of the projects he carried out from his mobile computer, trying to summarize them and put them in importance order, trying to predict which plan would affect which company. Time has passed quickly and reached late at night.

Doruk realized that he didn't eat dinner and that the household still didn't come home. If he were in a normal mood, he would call and ask where his wife was, but his anger about the promotion of Azim Gurbetov made him dizzy. He suddenly felt exhausted and turned to his bedroom to sleep by putting his pocket computer away.

In the meantime, mother Seçil was anxiously waiting by Galip, the baby, whose fever did not fall below 40 degrees, despite all the antibiotics he took. "My poor child can't even find the power to make a fuss, so grim," she said to herself.

The doctor entered the door with a confused expression and said that his leukocyte values were very high; the baby should be given serum without delay. The plasma began to lower the temperature of the little Galip four o'clock at night. Seçil had never thought before that she would wish her son to cry. His fever got better at 7: 00 in the morning, he drank the milk in the bottle with an appetite, and after he burped loudly, he started to use his primary weapon. Although the cry was not as passionate and as loud as his healthy days, Seçil was happy that his son began to cry again and express himself.

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