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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 41


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Part 41

While reading the art secrets of Selim Özben, the massage chair completed its work, and the tension on my shoulders was significantly reduced. I was revived by the effect of the dark coffee I drank. The environment was so quiet that I could almost hear my heartbeat.

I got up and put on my jacket, took my pocket computer and left the house. It was 3:12. When I came out the door of the building, I liked the cold weather and the pitch darkness of the sky. I walked through the parking lot by cars, quadcopters and capsule bikes. The trees were bent like ghosts on the edge of the asphalt road. Because of the darkness, I barely saw the environment, but it didn't matter.

When I went down to Yeniköy, I went to the seaside and started to walk towards Sarıyer. Among the fog of the Bosphorus, there was a cargo ship with solar panels behind, and an ekranoplane radiating light like a carousel. At the bottom of the opposite wall, two cats ran at a lively pace and jumped over the fence in a row.

It was like the fog around the investigation was falling apart. The process was gradually revived in my mind, like a land piece that was discovered in pieces and mapped out. The building blocks of the hypothesis I developed in the case of Selim Özben were shaped mainly. I couldn't say I had a sudden light. The results of the time-bound doubts and interrogations had matured. The work was not complete because some dark spots would have to be illuminated; material evidence would have to be revealed. But now it was mostly clear. I realized that the solution I found to the Selim Özben problem was the one who interrupted my sleep. A capsule motorbike crossed from the road. On the balcony of one of the houses across the street, an old man was smoking cigarette. The wind that was blowing from the sea had become hard and the silence of the night began to deteriorate.

I sent a message to my quadcopter to pick me up from a proper place. I should have tried to reach the open biography to illuminate the dark spots in the life of Galip Salik. Open biographies were one of the most controversial products of the transparency movement launched on the internet at the beginning 21st of the century. Following the success of confidential information concerning the state and companies, biographies of influential and famous people were initiated on hypernet with a collective understanding. Open biography authors had an obligation to pay compensation due to their personal confidential information. Since the spirit of the age was shaped by generations who were bored with polished images, the authors of open biographies continued to struggle without being intimidated. The freedom of communication to convey what they know about people could be taken into consideration. The person should not need permission to collect dispersed information about people within the framework of a biography. Real information should be published even if it hurts people's reputation. The first open biographies revealed many people's intimate relationships, sexual preferences, financial status, and the impact was very hard. Famous and influential individuals have succeeded in spurring the first salvo of open biographers through media propaganda and legal struggle. Information such as character traits, personal wealth and hidden sexual orientations, which are subject to open biographies, was deleted from mainstream hypernet information sources. However, this information has been transferred from people to people in less used forums and recreated into a new layer. The legal representatives of celebrities chased the volunteers of the movement server by server. Although their place on hypernet has changed continuously, open biographies continued to evolve with voluntary participation and to serve their enthusiast. Over time, the subject has lost its warmth because the fragments of extensive biographical information were far from being visible on the mainstream hypernet sources. The open biographies continued to exist as an underground river used by those who knew to dig the right place.

Interestingly, I was thinking about the open biographies of Selim Özben and Galip Salik in this dark night, where I had a great realization, after greatly resolving the incident. The quadcopter that landed in the parking lot should have been mine. I got into the quadcopter and reached home after a short journey.

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