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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 4


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Part 4

Before the crows hadn't had their breakfast, someone was ringing my phone. I turned on the phone to scold the caller.

“Do you want to kill your mother?" said the one on the other end of the phone.

“Mom, are you okay? Are you aware of the time?” I asked.

“If you don't call your mother and ask her, you don't know if she's okay.”

“Did you dream about me again?”

“If I had had a dream about you or had different dreams on different nights, I wouldn't be so much trouble."

“Well, wouldn't it be better if you called last night and asked me if I was okay?” I said, by standing up from the bed.

“Don't try to teach your mother what's right,” she said with a teacher's voice, “How would I know that I will have a dream of you being poisoned by a blond woman?”

“A new one has been added to my ways of being killed in your dream, thank you for thinking so much about me.”

” I wish I had another child, maybe I wouldn't be so worried about you, " she said in a relaxed tone of voice, she was convinced that I didn't die.

I said, “Well since you don't have another kid, let's have breakfast.”

“I don't want to let your father wake up alone; I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself because he's refusing to take depression pills. You know that some of my dreams come true. You were talking about a mysterious mission, and did you learn the content, I don't like this secret stuff."

I said, “I'm going to investigate the disappearance of Selim Ozben accompanied by a blonde woman.”

”What are you going to look at, I suppose he's already dead," she said in an emotionless voice. She continued, “watch out for the blonde woman, don't try to get her to bed without knowing her.”

“She's my colleague, with my colleagues...” I tried to explain, “I know this stuff, don't block your ears off what your mother says.”

“Have a good day, see you later.”

“Know the value of your day, of your youth.” my mother said.

I got up and changed, went to the bathroom, washed my face, shaved, ordered my service android Asima to prepare breakfast. As breakfast was prepared, I sat in front of the wall-screen of the hall and began to meditate. After adding breeze and scents to the three-dimensional image and sound, landscape revival began to produce a sense of reality. Especially earlier in the morning, when the senses were sharp, the brain was rested and not polluted with the sediment of the day, the views gave a distinct taste. There was a beach with white sands and a sea of light blue shining in the morning light. The sun was not on the horizon yet, but the sky was lit gradually. There was a small island with palm trees that looked like ghosts in the twilight. Asima came to me and smiled, “breakfast table is ready.”

I said, “put it on a tray and bring it to the living room, please.”

“It is natural that you do not want to leave, the storm in the ocean has made the course of the clouds on the horizon insatiable," said Asima.

It was clear that the clouds that were curled up in a land of fairy tales didn't feel like they were making me feel. “I wonder how you can build sentences like that.”

“The company filters out the beautiful sentences that people say in certain situations through hypernet and transmits them to us,” Asima said.

I sent a message to Peri's mobile computer, “please call after you wake up." My phone rang before a minute of the message. “Good Morning,” said a very awake and alive sound across the phone.

” I didn't think you might have woken up."

“I had breakfast and morning sports, and I was already on the job.”

"Can I ask what you do at this hour of the morning?”

"I researched how many times Selim Özben's dreams was the subject of the hypernet queries on a daily basis."

I had no idea what this information would do, “when do we go to the headquarters to take over the file?” I asked.

“I'll pick you up in half an hour,” said Peri.

For the first time in six months, I have been in the Ministry of Interior's General Directorate of Advanced Investigation. It has created a complex feeling in me. I loved my job, and I think my job was right for me. Unfortunately, every profession was carried out with people, and when people entered into it, the ground became slippery. I was once the brightest researcher in the organization, and in the last few years, I became an unwanted man, almost to be fired. Six months ago, I was drawn to the sled because of the endless debate I had with my superiors, and they started giving me no job. For the first time in all these months, I had a new opportunity to prove myself, and I wanted to take this opportunity very seriously.

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