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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 37

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Part 37

When I arrived at the office in the morning, Peri and Deniz whom we asked for help to break the password on Selim Özben's health records were doing yoga. I sat quietly in my chair so that I wouldn't disrupt their session. I did not feel the fatigue of the return journey because I slept a deep and comfortable sleep at night. I put my head on the back of the seat and guessed why Deniz was in our office. She probably managed to infiltrate the network with medical records, and the night before I was sleeping, she transferred what he learned to Peri. They should have stayed at Peri's House. Peri was kind enough to bring Deniz to the office so I could ask my questions in person. So finally, when we were conducting an official and legitimate investigation on behalf of the state, we were in a position to obtain information about the health status of the person we were investigating illegally. Otherwise, we could not overcome the obstacle that the Legal Regulation brought about ten years ago because of the celebrities who were exposed to the public about mental illnesses and sexual perversions.

When their sessions ended, and they stood up, I said, “Welcome, Deniz, you gave me the honor.” They both turned to me in surprise.

” You're sneaking into the room, " said Deniz.

I said,” I crawled like a snake and sneaked up and but didn't bite you."

“No harm will come from men like you,” said Deniz sitting in one of the seats around the round table.
I got up and sat in the seat next to her, and Deniz sat the other side and activated the screen that covered the table. “The mountain gave birth to a mouse. You're lucky and unlucky. Immediately after our meeting, I wrote and commissioned a program that inspected the possible access gates of the Ministry of health database hourly. We defend transparency. We're auditing on behalf of the people. I was persuaded by Peri that you were not nice with power like us and that you would not be considered a bossy man. I come from a political culture that sees researchers as hunt dogs of the order,” Deniz said.

” I'm proud of not being put on the same place as the hunt dogs, " I said smiling.

"We are not willing to make a difference. We are the natural allies of consumers, minorities, the poor, the workers, the gays, the women and everyone who has the potential to be victims," she said.

I said, "You speak like a politician."

"Politics is pervasive throughout the life of society. Where power is concentrated, asymmetries and abuses occur. We are trying to prevent corruption by spreading information equally to everyone,” Deniz said.

"I'm not telling you to admire me; on the other hand, I'm proud to monitor the state using the algorithms that they have built to control society. I like to force them to act wisely. As for the connection of all this with Selim Özben...” she continued.

“I was worried we'd never get there,” I said excitedly.

"I told you this to remind us of your debt. We directed the infrastructure of our system established with the contribution of tens of thousands of benefactors to Selim Özben research.”

“Deniz does not tell she is one of the founders of the system because of humility,” said Peri.

“I want your horizons to go beyond the Selim Özben event. On the other hand, I see that your hierarchically shaped minds are far from flexibility and creativity. As I said in the beginning, we could not break the site if we were not lucky. We could catch an open gate and sneak in during our automated routine call. Selim Özben is not a type that frequently goes to the doctor. He had three psychologists meeting two years ago.”

At this stage of the speech, Deniz displayed the notes that the psychologist held during the interview on the table-screen in front of us. When I took a quick look at the records, I found that the issues mentioned in the talks were trivial and mundane. There were symptoms such as feeling worthless, feeling no desire for socialization, lack of motivation, feeling of nothing.

Deniz also participated in my observation: “As long as what is said here is not severe, it is normal, but learning that they determined a mass in the brain tomography taken after the visit is important."

Peri pointed out the report of Selim Özgen's tomography on table-on-screen. The report mentioned a four-millimeter-diameter tumor. According to the nano-tomography data, there was no detection for the growth of cancer over time, so no intervention was required.

“Is there any record that the mass in the brain caused any problems later?” I asked him.

” These are all I have," said Deniz.

"Do you know painter C.?” I asked.

“In his paintings, the combination of the evil and the dangerous with the innocent, the war of light and darkness is depicted beautifully, and I recognize him as the painter of the paintings I cannot afford to look at, but today you have filled up your question quota."

“Do you have any sense that he's involved in illegal activities?" I asked her.

C. is like an old boy, and when no one knows what he will do,” Deniz said.

“I heard he had a relationship with black clinics,” I said standing up, adding he found clients for many questionable operations.

“C. is not a person who cares about money, he does not like to show off, so I do not give a chance,” she said.

I said,” Thank you for your help, I wholeheartedly support your efforts, and I will make the necessary donation."

After saying farewell to Deniz, Peri said, “I did not know there are the local dimensions of the black clinic issue.”

“I knew that it would become increasingly important, so I researched the issue once more; there are many techniques to improve the appearance, mood, and abilities of people, but regulatory agencies are heavily concerned about permission because of the political problems they create and the lack of confidence in the techniques to be used. In fact, some shadow game is being played. Because it is well known that the unrest of the vast masses who are already exhausted from the state of unemployment. And if this is added to the situation of giving the rich the privilege of intelligence and life-enhancing, then they are concerned about the confusion.”

“Why would only the rich take advantage of new technologies?" Peri asked.

“At least in its early stages, new technologies are too expensive for the poor, for example, I know that brain grey matter operation in black clinics costs around a hundred times the minimum wage. Many new technologies, ranging from the latest fashion synthetic pills that reduce sadness, the serum that prolongs life, the drugs that ignite the imagination and make the world look colorful, to language surgeries that enhance the sense of taste, is marketed in black clinics around the city. After Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Mumbai, Jakarta, and Rio, there are finally a few clinical trials in Istanbul. I have no intention of getting involved in the black clinic, but I have a feeling Selim Özben has something to do with it.”

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