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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 36


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Part 36

In our small room overlooking the lake, Zou Kai began to sleep as soon as he put his head on the pillow. I have reviewed what I learned from the beginning of the research in my sleeping bag in my mind. My experience in research taught me that there must be great powers behind the great mysteries. The question was whether Selim Özben investigation would fall within the scope of the great mystery. Selim Özben could have been tired of stressful work tempo and well trying to rest his soul in a hidden monastery behind the high mountains. A maniac follower could have managed to hide from the security cameras, kidnapped him and tortured him to death. Galip would have been enraged at some point with the love-hate dilemma in their relationship and killed him with a devious plan and kept his body cleverly hidden. For years he had been in the movie business, so he had to know the tricks of acting and the practical secrets of persuading people. He could have manipulated his body language in any way he wanted to, making people believe in his lies. My experience told me that people who I had a hard confrontation within the first encounter were most prone to fraud. The crooks above a certain level of intelligence could have the necessary equipment to make themselves a respectable place in society. They could detect situations that could be dangerous for them, to take the measures needed to prevent potentially damaging events before they could happen. These types, lacking the ability to be sentimental, disguise their situation and make exaggerated favors to buy others' love. Maybe the fate of Selim Özben would never be learned, but we did not make enough efforts to decide, perhaps the solution is somewhere deep in my mind, it matures, waiting for the day when inspiration will emerge. I fell asleep, convinced that the answer was too close.

The next morning we woke up in the morning and set out to do morning yoga with lanterns in our hands. Dawa Chodak was leading us, Zou Kai and I was walking in the back without talking. The weather was as hard and cold as steel. The light that was emanating from the holes of the lanterns was playing on our clothes. From time to time, after a long walk that requires us to cross the small rock blocks, we reached the plain where the frozen waterfall is located. Although the weather was not yet fully illuminated, the waterfall was in full glory. The view of frozen water columns, the glaciers covered with the rocks with compassion, the ice crystals that descended to the level where we are on the fringes created the impression that time stopped.

“Let us listen to nature and feel that we are part of it,” said Dawa Chodak.

I could see that Zou Kai was dissatisfied with the formal atmosphere of the facial expression.

"Do you think dreams can be used to achieve reality in everyday life?” I asked him.

“Dreams are not designed to reach the truth; they are more useful to conceal them than to reveal them. Recently, people have become a tool of themselves,” said Dawa Chodak.

"Doesn't this knowledge contradict the promises of dream yoga?” I asked.

"The essence of the dream yoga is not about practical benefits. Selim Özben showed me examples of dream art. They did not have any content of searching for truth or eternal harmony,” said Dawa Chodak.

“The majority refer to fall asleep watching an exciting hypernet show after a delicious dinner,” Zou Kai said.

Dawa Chodak did not comment on Zou Kai's words. We were all buried in silence in the morning fog, which seems to have been condensed again. An eagle from the rocks covered with glaciers crossed over us. For a moment, I felt like I was feeling the heart beating of the eagle. The ice in the frozen waterfall crisps the crystals and disrupts the silence.

“Let the light of the morning bear the burden of your hearts, my dear friends,” said Dawa Chodak.

It was clear that the answers I was wondering were hidden in me somewhere. "What can I do to learn to think deeply?” I asked.

"The mind needs to be emptied to focus on a particular thought. For deep thought, it is necessary to attain an absolute state of calm. The emptying of the mind requires the absence of perceived new information. The long, awe-inspiring waiting period is needed. Meditating for at least a week without any external stimuli helps the mind to empty and focus on a specific subject. The mind tends to shift as much as a child. Not only does it try to run away and impose its agenda, but it will also lead you to disappear among the scattered thoughts. You can use the mind to deep thought, increasing the duration of deep thought sessions every time, as though you are constantly going on, but without too much intimidation, as if you are tempted to feed a bird from your hand. Your exercises will strengthen it and make it ready for the final thought session, which you will achieve the result you expect to take,” said Dawa Chodak.

“To tell you the truth, I'm more interested in my truth than in the fate of Selim Özben.”

"The knots in every human soul are special, like fingerprints, and most people live shadowy lives without ever trying to unravel those loops. The knots may be small and large, and they may even cover the whole soul like a vicious tumor. Because it is not possible for them to beat like fish stuck in the net for the rest of their lives, they accept the situation as it is. According to the teachings of the wise, each person has a contradiction that needs to be resolved. Even though there is a chance to seek the help of others, in fact, everyone is alone in solving their knot. He must find the right way, stay away from the dead-end streets, from the obsessions that create vicious loops. It seems obvious to me that anyone who makes sincere efforts can find their way, for example, you have come to Ngawang thousands of miles in pursuit of truth,” said Dawa Chodak.

“Thank you for this sincere conversation and the advice you gave me," I said.

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