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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 34


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Part 34

Peri seemed to be impressed by the nightmare like me. We started to watch a new dream.

Selim Özben was waiting in front of a giant building similar to the human brain with a bright yellow umbrella in his hand. In the cloud-covered sky, the lightning flashed ceaselessly, the forked ends of the bolt flickered down to the top of the building in the form of a brain. On the wasteland around the building, along with the rain, a heap of puddles had formed. The lightning illuminated the twilight around the building. There was a slight breeze on our faces, and there was a smell of soil on our nose. On the transparent outer surface of the building, there was a stream of colored pixels, similar to the shimmering of a fairy's stick. Selim Özben began to wander around the building in heavy steps. I thought he was looking for an entrance. On the upper floors of the building, a small door opened and an escalator landed on the ground. Selim Özben rose to the building on the elevator, with the yellow umbrella of phosphorescent that rainwater was flowing through. He had a proud expression on his face. Now he was inside the building in a round-fold corridor, similar to the brain lobe. There was a blue liquid flowing just below the soft floor of the aisle, which looked like a riverbed. Selim Özben closed his umbrella and began to progress in the Hall. Under the soft ground, fish flocks were running away as Selim Özben progressed. Selim Özben's face lit with blue color reflected from the ground had an expression of happiness. Suddenly, a clown appeared in a black suit wearing a hat with bells on top of it. The clown's face was painted in black as the Indians prepared for war.

“I'm looking for the truth in a crowd of objects and events that blinded us,” said Selim Özben.

“You're at the right address. If you wish, let's talk about them while watching the interior view of the building on the balcony.”

Soon they were looking into the giant brain from the balcony. Thousands of lightning struck simultaneously triggering the sparks in hundreds of clusters of networks. “All the facts are sprouting in this image of chaos,” said the clown waving the bells on top of him.

Selim Özben asked, ”Whose brain is this place?"

“Brains are alike, so let me show you something,” said the clown.

Selim Özben was now under a sky where thousands of stars shine in a glorious glow. There was plenty of oxygen in the fresh air. Selim was standing in front of a building on top of a mountaintop with no windows. In the moonlight, the mountains were seen in precise rows.

“I'm looking for the truth,” said Selim Özben.

I thought, "We're looking for the truth, too."

The front of the building turned into a screen, and an old man began to speak to Selim Özben. "It was okay when we uploaded the knowledge of humanity to the books. They're passive depositors. Computers can convert and replicate information and share it. The building is just the tip of the iceberg. You're standing on the biggest supercomputer in the Galaxy, which goes down hundreds of feet from the ground.”

“I'm looking for the truth,” Selim Özben said persistently.

“The truth is shared only with those who are ready to learn it, and distributed as much as they need to know,” said the old man.

“Do you know them all?" Selim Özben asked.

“When the puzzles are solved, they are thrown aside,” said the old man on the screen.

”So it hasn't been resolved yet, " said Selim Özben.

He said, “You better not try things bigger than you.”

“Remember this is my dream, and I can turn your supercomputer into banana pudding and you into a frog,” said Selim Özben.

The screen went dark, and the lights of the Virtual Reality Lab turned on. ” Before these dreams, Selim Özben probably watched too much film," said Peri.

“Is the time of his nightmares consistent with the disease?” I asked her.

“Yes, it coincides, and there's still no sound from Deniz, so I'm going to check her out one last time and ask if she will help to get to the health records. If not, we will hunt a hacker on hypernet,” she said.

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