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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 31

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Part 31

My mother, who heard me say "Hello" with my cracked sleepy voice, said, "You didn't sleep until this hour, were you in a party?" Without giving me a chance to answer, "I don't think so, I wish it were, you fell asleep while reading a ridiculous book; You've read those meaningless books that ravage your brains for years; possibilities, dreams, regrets, what-ifs -- thousands of empty words that bookworms, keyboard rats like your father have been scribbling to satisfy themselves. You don't sit with people and say two words, but you spend hours on books and computers. When will you come back to Chile again, will you be able to walk in the mountains even if you come, I said to your father."

"You love talking to yourself."

"Your father and your habits look alike. Though some good things about you look like me, you've had a few leaks from my genetic code, "said my mother, calming down a little.

"How are you doing?"

"It's going so well, I wonder why we haven't done this before, though I feel sorry that your father couldn't enjoy the journey, and he couldn't get the air out of the mountains, and he couldn't see the incredible landscape lying under our feet. “I look at the pictures you took,” he said as if it were the same thing. He preferred pinching with the crew and sick elders on board. I'd rather go out like a lion and look for my prey. Maybe this is better; it's easy to control because his ecosystem is limited to a narrow area. Your father is very good at catching female flies in his area. I'd say we owe 40 years of togetherness to your father's resentment. As a man, you know very well that your species is made up of loose individuals, which are inherently low in moral standards. Your compatibility with monogamy is challenging. In the brightest times of his career, your father had a trainee girl on his web. He did the job with the girl like a male bear who eats the best of the pear. Her fleshy lips, large breasts, gleaming black hair, eyes like almonds, and smooth white skin were the ones that would make any bear's appetite swell. I think the girl was impressed with the popularity of him on hypernet. As the rooster reliefs the feathers before the fight; when you see a beautiful woman, you suddenly increase your energy, and you become repartee and intelligent. Somehow he managed not only to pick her up but to get her to bed. I was late to be skeptical about him because of his sobriety and the clean record. There was no reason for him to have a sense of vitality and joy, and wearing new clothes. I thought the doctor would have increased the dose of depression pills. One day when I went to work, I noticed that he looked at the girl like he wanted to eat. I immediately noticed the difference from the way he looked at other women who are interested. I said to myself, "Nehir, your husband is going out of hand, you have to intervene." Your father -fortunately- was not able to behave like ‘life goes on as it was before’ like ordinary bears, because he was an idiot intellectual, or it could have been too late when I intervened. Your father and your kind are incapable of telling the lies seen in everyday life.”

“Interesting story, I will tell my children this heroic saga of their grandfather.”

"Not heroic, immoral. At that moment, I'd go smack him in the middle of his mouth, but I didn't. I hacked into his pocket computer that night and confirmed my suspicions. I couldn't sleep all night, of course. I matured my plans and tactics like an Amazon to go on the battlefield. I turned them into words. The next morning I was with the editorial director before your father woke up. “What brings you here,” said Alp Bey. It was clear that he had a sense of what was going to happen to him. ” Your newspaper has become the focus of inappropriate relations, and I have come to ask for your help," I said. “I would never have guessed that,” said Alp Bey, " he is very fond of you," I asked the trainee girl to be assigned to another newspaper in the group and to end her relationship with your father. As I predicted, Alp Bey resisted for a while to stay out of the situation with the nonsense of freedom, the independence of private life and business life, etc. Later in the meeting, he stopped resisting when he got a clearer idea of the intensity of my anger and the dose of my determination. I thanked him for solving the problem, and I swore to him that this meeting would remain between us forever. Well, it turns out she wasn't very interested in ours. Your father was sad and pale, like a child whose toy was taken away from him. Normally, I'd do something to help ease his depression, but I did nothing this time. After a few weeks, he returned from the intensive dose to his normal depression,” she said.

When she tried to adjust her breath, I interrupted and changed the subject. “I will go to Tibet soon. There may be communications cuts during the flight or at the temple where we will be taking lessons, don't worry.”

“I'm glad you decided to get your confused spirit in order. Atheism is not the case for the human soul, robots can be irreligious, but there must be some things people believe in. We live in a world of poor individuals who are disconnected from the universe. I'm not saying it for you, but many fools see themselves differently than others. They think that they can live like rotten trees, dry, leafless, and without food as if they had severed ties to nature and others. If they can grasp the unity of the universe, they may be able to rid themselves of such suffering of loneliness, but they can't.”

“You never retire from the teaching profession?” I said.

“I have no intention of retiring from the maternity profession; I will continue to tell the truth even though I know what I'm saying is entering from one ear and coming out from the other.”

“I do not intend to learn yoga or to reach Nirvana, but to learn the techniques of dream art and follow the footsteps of Selim Özben.”

”Take care of yourself, the mountains are cold, dress well," she said.

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