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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 30


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Part 30

Peri said, “How about we go somewhere later in the night?”

“The longer the minutes I breathe the same air as Akın Erkan, the happier I will be,” I said.

“Bringing the rest of the night is for young people,” said Galip.

“I think you're flirting with me,” said Erkan Akın.

“I've never seen him like this,” said Peri.

“We can go to me. I can offer you a cup of coffee at home,” said Akın Erkan.

Akın Erkan's Bosphorus-viewed house in Cihangir was an excellent place to spend the late night. The course of the ekranoplanes flying over the strait like fireflies was stunning. There were two small holograms on the wall, where fractal shapes on the pedestals were formed and developed as a flame of a torch. Peri was writing something on her pocket computer in a happy expression. My mobile computer vibrated and reported a message.

“You're on an entrepreneurial day,” Peri wrote.

I said, “I don't have a special plan. I just wanted to live the moment.”

“Shouldn't we get some information about Galip?” texted Peri.

I said, “Enjoy the scenery; let's not abuse the hospitality.”

An old service android appeared on the door of the hall with coffee and cognac cups. While the android was serving the drinks, Akın Erkan came to the room. The makeup on her face was wiped, and she had not lost anything from the fascinating air she radiated around her.

“Thank you for opening your house, you have honored us,” said Peri after receiving the first sip of liquor.

“Being with people from different circles feeds me, so I'm glad you accepted my invitation,” said Akın Erkan.

I said,” If you have to play a detective someday, don't take Peri as a model, the audience may not find realistic. “

“It is difficult to know what the audience will like, and you may owe your presence here to Peri,” said Akın Erkan.

"I took your message. Do you think Galip is someone who can commit murder?” I asked.

“Are you here to question me?” she replied.

“Please take this as a friendly conversation.”

“We don't think that a great artist like Galip Bey has committed a murder, but we have such a problem that we feel obliged to discuss our work at the home of one of the most important cinema actors in the country at the most beautiful hours of the night,” said Peri.

"Can you share with us what you know about the relationship between Galip Salik and Selim Özben?” I asked.

“I haven't seen Galip very often in recent years, but he loved Selim Özben as his child, and recently Galip lost his beloved mother, and Selim Özben disappeared a few days later. We're talking about someone who lost two people in the closest place. It is natural that he does not want to talk to you,” she said.

“My shame about Galip is growing exponentially, and so is my gratitude to you.”

“I can see you're trying to do your job, you're similar to Galip, you don't see anything when it comes to business,” said Akin Erkan.

“It's hard to describe my happiness to see you. I feel like I'm watching one of your movies.”

"I would like to ask you one last question with your forgiveness; did you know Selim Özben?” Peri said.

“A few years ago, we met during a yacht cruise in the strait. He was one of the most melancholic people I've ever seen. In the first five minutes we met, I was intrigued by the fact that he was one of those rare men who never flirted with me. He was like a sick child of Galip. During the tour, he escaped from the people and watched seagulls, fishing boats, and the seaside yachts. He had simple, self-centered, but extraordinarily stylish dress. He wasn't one of the superficial people I've seen hundreds of before. As if he was a prophet, he was carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders.”

”He seems to have affected you."

“Women have a weakness for childish men who seem so desperate. It was best to admire him from a distance knowing he had no room to conduct a relationship. So I did that. After a while, he came out of my agenda,” said Akın Erkan.

When we got out of Akın Erkan's house, the air had not yet begun to lighten. There were no other people except cats wandering the streets with lazy steps, and cleaning robots crawling on a route that seemed random. We decided to go down to the beach on foot because there was no area where our self-controlled quadrilaterals could land in the narrow streets of Cihangir. The strange combination of alcohol and coffee in my blood has stimulated my perception tremendously. I could hear the wind rushing through the streets and the vaguely piano tunes coming from one of the apartments upstairs. There was no vehicle around, but I listened to the whisper of the cars passing through the main street. As we went down the steep hill, Peri had no difficulty walking on her high heels, seemed to be enjoying as usual.

“When I look at the night view of the city, I seem to hide many mysteries from us. There is a dramatic story in every house, hidden from us for many years; we are deprived of the secrets that might make our lives better if we learn,” I said.

"Does it worry you that we have not made any progress in solving Selim Özben's secret?” Peri asked.

“Probably one day the spark will flash in our minds. I wish that day to come as soon as possible”. Our quadcopters waiting on the beach took us to our homes like a compassionate father.

The first lights of the morning were starting to appear. I laid down on my couch in the living room. I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep while the sky was illuminating on my wall.

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