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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 3


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Part 3

We were flying through the clouds in the zeppelin of the Ministry of Homeland Security. The scenery was very pleasing to me, as the sky became a festive place where large cloud clusters were wandering toward the horizon. The shadows of the cloud clusters beneath us looked like oil stains falling on Istanbul. Even though I tried not to reveal it to her, I began to sympathize with Peri. She did not like to chatter and she respected the people around her.

Peri folded the computer and put it in her pocket. “As soon as I was informed of the mission, I reviewed the key points and surprised me that I could not make the slightest progress,” she said.

“Why are you in such a hurry, enjoy the scenery,” I said.

“I'm not rushing, it is a natural curiosity for work,” she said, correcting the metal-framed glasses.

I was sure that the researchers before us looked at the points she checked. The entire research system was transmitted over a variety of algorithms to supercomputers. All the news, criminal records, all the information that the missing person was reflected in the hypernet. Supercomputers grind them like a giant mill, make sense, classify them, extract clues that might be relevant from the data mountains. I thought they had tried all the algorithms, compiled all the data that human intelligence could identify, put it on the table, and then passed it through the logic filter. I didn't have the slightest hope that we could reach the conclusion in this research, but I didn't want to accept defeat without trying.

“Why haven't you been around in the last six months?" Peri asked.

“I didn't want to be one of those who walked around pretending to be doing important things when all the work was executed by computers. I spent this time researching the issues that my curiosity has led me to. I wandered around in the ocean of information like a nutcracker who wandered across the waves.”

” I'm surprised the agency has given you a work permit, " said Peri.

“I may have bored them with my objections and interrogations, in fact, it is very interesting that they have given us this investigation; a very unpopular detective and a rookie in the organization...”

"I trust us,” she said with a sympathetic attitude.

While watching out with Sleepy Eyes, Tunç entered through the hall door. He must have caught the attention of those who sat next to the table, and one of them turned and looked. His cheerful mood of the morning was gone, his face fell, and his shoulders collapsed.

“Are you okay?" Peri asked.

“We are going through hard times, and there is no sign that things can go well,” he said.

"Is there a major terrorist attack?" Peri asked.

“I wish we were dealing with an issue that was easy to get out of, like individual terrorist attacks. The burden of social asymmetries is on the shoulders of the security guards,” said Tunç.

”At these levels of unemployment, it is very difficult to maintain public order; social security systems can't help and people are reacting to the order that makes them worthless," I said.

“Unemployment and related security problems are growing every year, and there is no sign that things will be better on the horizon,” Tunç said.

We looked at his face without knowing what to say, and he said, “Well, let's order our meals.”

Peri showed the detailed budget items to Tunç and explained them to him and he was able to get the whole amount she wanted by confronting the objections.

After drinking our coffee, Tunç seemed to regain his cheerful and optimistic mood. Outside, the weather was clouded, and the rain began to throw thin long scratches on the wide windows of the Zeppelin. Istanbul looked like a dream city composed of hundreds of skyscrapers, historic mosques, fast trains, meteorological towers, quadcopters filled with air corridors, and barely-selected Bosphorus.

“In order to conduct effective research, we need the fifth level of access to hypernet.”

“I don't even have the fifth level of access authority,” said Tunç.

”Selim may have been killed by some groups of interests with extensions within the state, if so, the fifth level of authority..."

“Having the fifth level of access authority –even if you don't use it - is a big risk; one day you will face the court for having access to the confidential information of the state or private persons with an anonymous tip. Because I personally trust you, I will give you the fourth level of authority, and you will promise me to conclude the research within ten days.”

“You can trust us,” said Peri.

I didn't like being stuck in business with no sleep and no morale. I said, “in ten days, we'il be able to figure out in how many days this can be solved.”

Tunç ignored what I said, his face was re-hung because of a message from his mobile computer. I thought he lived a painful life because he didn't know how to rebel.

Then all of a sudden, “I have to go, as I said, this has to be done in ten days at the latest,” he said.

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