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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 29


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Part 29

While the audience spread out to the tables in the hall were clapping subtly, Temel Diker strolled to the door of the ballroom and greeted Tunç. I was surprised because they not only shook hands but had a hug. After a few sentences, Temel Diker showed Tunç the podium. Tunç went energetically on the podium.

“Dear guests, as a man who has been promoted to the Minister of Interior, I feel like a complete politician now, and I can imagine how anxious you are because politicians are well-known for their long and boring speech,” Tunç said. There were smiles in the hall.

”As I had the opportunity to speak to such a distinguished community, I have no intention of interrupting my speech, and I apologize in advance to speak more than you fear," he continued with a determined statement. There was a deep silence in the hall.

“Of course I'm joking, you have a wonderful view of Istanbul beneath you, and I will not keep you busy while you have delicious food in front of you. I have spoken so much already for several days that my jaw needs rest,” he said with a smile spreading over his face. The room was dominated by laughter and a general sense of comfort. “I thank my old friend Temel Diker for sharing this happy day with me, and I would like to express my love and respect to all of you. Now please let us enjoy this beautiful night together,” said Tunç.

After Tunç getting off the podium, some of the people I thought were businessmen, surrounded him, a heated conversation among them began. The Android traffic circulating between the tables accelerated, people seemed not to intend to miss the grain of good food.

I said, “Don't look back, but Galip is sitting at the back of the table on our left cross.”

“An unnecessary warning,” said Peri.

”Because you are young I have difficulty accepting that you are a knowledgeable and experienced investigator," I said.

“Let's go try talking to him,” said Peri.

“Do you think he'il give us any information that might be of use?”

“At worst, we don't get any information.”

“I want to soften the sharp corners of my mind before embarking on this conversation,” I said, " I drank the wine in the large glass in front of me. The Android strolling through the tables immediately approached and filled my glass. I drank the filled glass. When the Android was filling the new one, Peri said, “you use an ancient method to relax, I can give you a synthetic pill that will get you drunk without feeling tired.”

“I'm old-fashioned on some issues,” I said, drinking the third glass.

“If you're ready we can go now,” said Peri.

“If I had another glass, my mind would become much more fluid.” The android waiting by the table filled my glass again. I elevated my drink in the health of the Android and Peri and rushed it down to my stomach. Now, the guests in the ballroom and Istanbul beneath us seemed a bit familiar. We got up with Peri and went to Galip's table, sitting with actress Akın Erkan, who has not lost anything from her beauty, even though more elegant as she has been on screen for years.

“Can we join your conversation?” said Peri by looking into Galip's eye.

Galip did not seem surprised, "Can this handsome man and the beautiful lady join us?" he said, returning to Akın Erkan.

” Of course," said Akın Erkan in a dull, lifeless tone.

The Android in charge of the table added the fourth chair around the small round table. I thought Galip was relieved by the influence of wine like me.

“Ruhi Bey and I work at the Ministry of Interior Security; It is nice to be in this beautiful meeting," Peri said.

I was watching Peri, who I thought was doing very well. I continued to drink wine at this new table.

"We wanted to come and say “hello “when we saw Galip Bey, who we had the honor to meet because of Selim Özben's research. Of course, the idea of meeting Erkan Akın has motivated us quite a bit,” said Peri.

“I like sociable young people,” said Galip.

“When we first met Mr. Galip Salik, I treated him with disrespect because I was unaware of his career and achievements. We rarely meet such respectable people in the investigation profession, and the way we relate has become a mess. Even if I didn't know who he was, I should have respected his age. I am very sorry; I raise my glass for you.” I said.

Galip raised his glass with his confused gaze and toasted it with mine. Akın Erkan did not seem to be interested in what I said.

"I have not seen you in a new project for some time, you are trying to open up space for other actresses who had been in your shadow I suppose," said Peri looking at Akın Erkan.

“I have been in a strange period of reckoning with myself, I did not want to assume a professional responsibility until my emotions calm," said Akin Erkan.

“I understand you very well, after a six-month break, undertaking critical research broke my balance badly,” I said.

“If Galip's going back to the movies, Selim Özben's disappearance has been hit. My first role was in a Galip Salik film,” said Akın Erkan.

She was one of the rare women in which the fake blonde has suited. Because she is white-skinned I thought. “I love to see your films, which were shot under the direction of Galip Bey, and they are an important part of my archive. I wished to have them renewed to include fragrances, breezes, and temperature adjustment,” I said, referring to Akın Erkan.

“How many times have I told Galip, he told me to be patient,” said Akin Erkan.

"If I'm going to renew them, I have to work seriousness on them. Those films are nearly half of my art career," Galip said.

"Galip is famous for killing people he does business with. This man who sits quietly in front of you turns into a monster on the set. In my first film, I remember many times I snuck into the toilet and wept secretly because of his uncompromising attitude. During our second film, I realized that apart from the set, he was a normal human being like me and that when I saw him outside, I could take my revenge. This situation has created a relief in our relationship,” said Akın Erkan.

“There is no one else who can talk to me this way,” said Galip.

“I raise my glass to the health of Akın Erkan,” I said in an unfounded joy. For the first time, Akın Erkan looked directly at my face, raising her big eyes, where her eyelashes were shaded. Her cheekbones, smooth, shiny skin, big black eyes, fuller lips were as beautiful as it seemed in films.

"Does being in the Zeppelin create a sense of lightness and happiness in you as well?" I asked.

“I never thought that way, let's go celebrate Tunç,” said Akın Erkan.

Galip and Peri had already stood up and headed to the side of Tunç. Because there are not many people waiting ahead of us, the congratulatory greeting did not last long. The Zeppelin had now begun to descent.

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