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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 28

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Part 28

At the entrance of the zeppelin, the stewardesses with high heels shining like blue lanterns greeted us.

“Welcome, Peri Hanim and Ruhi Bey! Follow the flashing arrows on the floor; they will take you to your table,” said the taller one. As we moved to our table, I thought that Peri was a partner that every man would want to come to the ball with her straight blond hair and bright white shoulders. The orange neon wires inserted in strapless mermaid-cut toilet added a different glow in her appearance. I congratulated myself for renting a new fashionable tuxedo instead of the dirty old jacket in my closet. There were a lot of young women and handsome men around, each as elegant as Peri.

“I didn't know there were so many beautiful women and handsome men in our country,” I said.

“There are too many cinema and hypernet show actors and actresses in the hall. People like to breathe the same air as them. There are producers, directors, wealthy businessmen and high-level bureaucrats. Temel Diker is a successful marketer who knows how to please potential customers,” said Peri.

The tables were full in the big prom room of the Zeppelin. It was announced that the Zeppelin would take off in a minute. Tunç was not there yet. He was going to participate in the party with air transfer. After the last guests came to the hall and settled down, the Zeppelin began to rise slowly. The flight experience created by the Zeppelin was not comparable to any other aircraft. Their maneuvers were so soft and elegant that people felt free from gravity. It was not believable that these beautiful vehicles had been pushed into a corner for a long time. The ballroom we were in was made of transparent material, including the floor, so it felt like I was standing in the middle of the sky.

“I think the zeppelin is new; I've never seen it in the sky before.”

“Yes, it is being used for the first time today,” said Peri.

The sun has not set yet, but the sky was painted red. In some buildings, the lights were lit, the bridges and the highways were illuminated gradually. Because the weather was hazy outside, Istanbul seemed to be more pale and sad than usual.

"People like to be in the sky, all the zeppelins walking around the city are full.”

Taking a sip from the wine Peri said, “It may be comforting to have a broad horizon."

Outside, the weather was mostly dark, and the Zeppelin reached a height where the entire Bosphorus Strait, the historical peninsula, the Golden Horn, Islands, and the Black Sea could be seen.

“Dear guests, the show begins, and we ask you to look down.” With the announcement, a giant dolphin, the size of a ship, entered the Bosporus, plunged into the water and began to advance. It crossed Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Bosphorus Bridges; passing through the islands by slalom, it disappeared in the Marmara Sea.

Then an extraordinary fireworks show started on the historical peninsula. Every firework that exploded radiated such a powerful light that Istanbul was lightened as if it were daylight. A giant seal that appeared among the islands then threw a three-color, light-emitting, giant sea ball into the historical peninsula; it bounced from Hagia Sophia's dome to the Galata Tower, then struck the dome of the Topkapi Palace and exploded like a firework when it touched one of the Palace Towers. Meanwhile, Temel Diker was looking at the guests and waiting for the show to finish to start talking. The show came to an end when a giant swordfish, who appeared in the Golden Horn and moved towards the Marmara, split the Unkapanı bridge in two and greeted the audience. People turned to Temel Diker, wondering what to say.

"Dear members of the world of business, art, and politics, distinguished guests, I salute you all with my love and respect and welcome you. I appreciate you not leaving us alone on this happy day. Today we are preparing to celebrate two happy events together. I want to give you brief information about Zeppelin, which I believe will provide great services to Turkish tourism. If we leave aside the test flights, our Zeppelin met with the people for the first time. This flying castle with its ballroom, meeting rooms, restaurant and suite rooms manages to bring guests together in the sky with all the comforts of a five-star hotel. With this new facility, we will show our guests the beauty of Istanbul by supporting them with virtual shows like you just watched. As Diker Holding, we believe that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished in our country if the determination and courage are exhibited. Events such as looting, theft, and robbery rarely occur in our country. We owe this to an important leader working day and night for our security in the Ministry of Internal Security. If we can go to work in peace today and send our children to their schools in peace, it is as a result of his successful work, the helicopter of my old friend Tunç Soydan, who was appointed as interior minister in the new cabinet, is approaching our balloon from the North. As opposed to the former security managers who tried to present terror and chaos to us as fate, he embarked on intensive preventive efforts by putting his hand under the stone. As he transformed his organization, he shared his vision with a businessman who spent his life chasing money like me. He persuaded me that if people were given what they wished, they would give it back to society, and if people were given compassion, the problems would be alleviated. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our dear Minister, Tunç Soydan.”

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