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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 26


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Part 26

The central computer of maze should have taken my words into account. It led me back to the casino-like room. Marlo brought me some food. I thanked Marlo for his service and told him I could take care of myself. Just as I started to eat, a door was opened to one of the other rooms. I kept on eating. About a minute later, the outside door and the entrance to the other room were closed, the lights went out. I took out my pocket computer and put it on the table, activated the flashlight application and kept on eating. Considering that I could stay in the room for a long time, I decided which table would be the bed and which table cover would be the pillow. I texted Peri and Tunç that I was at Selim Özben's House and that my research was going very well.

I put the mobile computer I used as a flashlight on the roulette table, set the only chip on the table in red, turn the wheel. The ball turned around the roulette board for a long time and fell to the red 18. The lights went on, and a door was opened on the left. I woke up by correcting my hypernet glasses and went to the next room. After the door closed behind me, the room I was in moved like an elevator. Because of the wardrobes on both sides, it looked more like a corridor than a room. There was an exclamation mark on my glasses. When I took out my mobile computer, I saw that hypernet connection had been lost and that all the sensors on the device had become useless. There had to be a powerful signal mixer somewhere nearby. I opened the sliding door of the wardrobe on my right. In the closet, there were coats and shirts hanged on the hangers. I noticed that all the colors of the same models were purchased. I walked through the door open in front of me to the next room. In this new room I entered, the floor, the walls, and the ceiling were white. I sat in the black seat that looked like the massage chair in the middle. I put on the device that looks like astronaut's head. I pressed the only button on the seat when nothing was visible in the hood. The belts from the side of the chair have firmly grasped my body.

I heard a laugh, and I saw a three-dimensional clown in front of me. Later, I watched many images such as a waterfall running through the mountains, tragic accidents recorded with traffic cameras, murder and injury images, birth videos, surgery images, snow flying freely over the hills, exploding volcanoes, collapsing glaciers with terrible noise, the rise of the sun by painting the horizon red, porn movie tracks, night-drawn landscapes, wild animals hunting images. All these images should be part of Selim Özben's daily dream exercise. When the session was over, the chair untied my seat belts and freed me. This intense sound and image bombardment that I'm not used to having caused my head to ache. The room was swayed and moved, and I passed through the door and went down the stairs to another place, which I thought was the bedroom. I was tired, nervous, and vulnerable to possible attacks.

The place I was in was probably Selim Özben's bedroom. The walls were filled with the paintings of painters such as Cezanne, Chagall, Dali, Matisse, Kahlo, Klimt. While I was looking at the pictures, I encountered menacing gaze of a Black Panther with blue eyes entering the opposite door. Looking at her shiny black hair, white teeth, and ice-blue eyes, I thought about what I should do for a moment. She roared at me. When my heart was beating like it was going to come out of my chest, I managed to get the electric shock device out of my pocket and put it in her head. As soon as panther contacted the device, she disappeared.

I was angry at myself because I couldn't understand that the panther was a hologram while I was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for my breath and heart rhythm to return to its original state. I put the bonnet on top of the bench next to the bed, covered with electronic circuits, I took off my shoes and laid on the bed where I thought Selim Özben's dreams were recorded. Galaxy and star images appeared on the ceiling of the room. I thought what I was trying to do in a universe with billions of galaxies was so unimportant. The universe was a too big scene to play the role of semi-conscious creatures living on a blue planet orbiting an ordinary star. After a while, the images of the galaxy were replaced by a stable sky image, which gave the impression that it was taken on a cloudless night on a high mountain. I started counting the stars to calm down and sleep. No matter how much I counted, I couldn't sleep.

I got up, put on my shoes and started looking at the painting on the wall because there was no door open. It was interesting that the harmonious use of colors had such a significant effect on the human soul. I thought our painting tastes like one another. I went through the first door in a room furnished in the style of the 1970s. I saw Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Choplin posters on the walls. The transparent plastic and the pastel tones used in the frame of the seats gave the room a pleasant appearance. I thought that the whole building was carefully furnished. The room I was in moved down and landed me on the floor. When I saw the sunlight behind the door, I realized I was bored inside. As soon as I stepped outside, I had a feeling of relief, on the other hand, my investigative feelings told me that there was a secret in this place that I hadn't discovered yet.

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