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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 23

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Part 23

Peri greeted me with glowing gilts in her yellow hair in the office where Tunç dedicated us to conduct our research fully concentrated. A giant red tanker was passing through Bosphorus, leaving a trail of white foams behind. The other night, the wind blowing cleared Istanbul's air. The clarity of the outside air and the brightness of our office pointed out that we could make rapid progress in our research.

"I got some strange data," Peri said.

"I like weird data," I said smiling.

"Selim Özben had cancer two years ago."

"It may be important to prove that such a person exists. I wondered how you could access this information, except for doctors who personally serve people in the health database, nobody can, it is a strictly protected information," I said.

"We are public officials," said Peri with pride.

"The level of authority granted to us is not enough for this, did you learn from his doctor," I asked.

"A friend of mine broke the encryption of the system where health-related data was stored," said Peri.

"I didn't know you had such talented friends; I hope you didn't leave any marks. I want to learn what kind of cancer it was, what kind of treatment was applied, how long the disease lasted, whether it had a result that affected his work."

"When I tried to open the record showing that cancer was diagnosed, they noticed that we were intruders and threw us out of the system," said Peri.

"Can you do it again?"

"System vulnerabilities don't always occur. To reopen the gates, we need to get help from a senior expert."

"Do you know anyone?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure if she wants to help us, she's dissident."

"We have to interview the dissidents to understand the possible political reasons in Selim Özben case, and we can convey our request to her in this meeting."

"I can arrange the interview right away.”

"It would be great."

Deniz Toksöz's house was on a hill, northwest of Istanbul, ahead of the canal where the lake is connected to the Black Sea. Since there were no tracks around, we landed our quadcopter on the lawn next to the house. Peri's friend lived in a simple house with a small garden. We opened the low garden door and entered the yard. We passed past the sunflowers, tomatoes, and parsley that were planted in the garden and knocked on the door. She opened the door in her white T-shirt, with a shalwar cloth and a digital round that matches the colors of her shalwar. She had an unusual appearance with her massive body and small round glasses of nested circles.

"My beautiful friend, Peri," she embraced Peri and invited me in with suspicious eyes.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with us; my name Is Ruhi, a colleague of Peri," I said, sitting in one of the two chairs in the room.

The house was tastefully furnished. "I don't appreciate the state and its officials, but I would not like to reject my beautiful friend Peri," Deniz said.

"Did you follow Selim Özben's dreams?" I asked.

"If this is going to turn into an interrogation, you may have to talk to yourself," said Deniz.

"I like your shirt, not only to match the colors of your shalwar, it also changes color according to the objects that are behind you."

"You're very careful, a friend of mine wrote its algorithm, and it's a good idea for a person's clothing to adapt to the surrounding colors, if my hair color were different, it would also adapt to it," she said.

"As I mentioned on our phone conversation, Selim Özben mysteriously disappeared some time ago, and now we are to find him," said Peri

"Is the situation so desperate? I don't know how I can help you," said Deniz.

”We thought that you could give us an idea of how the opposition approaches Selim Özben's disappearance."

"I don't think I can represent opponents. I followed Selim Özben's dreams fondly. I wondered why the broadcast was interrupted, but I didn't bother investigating. As far as I learned from social media, there are a lot of people who are passionate about their work," Deniz said.

"You are well known as an effective opponent, but you were not afraid to share your home address with us," I said, looking into the eyes of Deniz.

Deniz pulled her feet under on the sofa, and she laughed. She said, "You are strange."

I said, "We're the least weird ones."

"You must find my place in hypernet, which is important for the state, and I carry out all my political activities on hypernet. It's a comedy that you think I represent the opponents. There are hundreds of people like me. Those who participate with their real identities, those who hide behind masks, those who do not appear for years, and those who enthusiastically hold the system over hypernet to the cannon fire..."

“Peri said that you were good with passwords and system vulnerabilities, and I was wondering if you could help us with that,” I asked.

“You state officials are optimistic people, how could you think I could take on a risky business like cracking a password for you?”

“It seems that you have no problem breaking the password, and I feel we can do it if we convince you."

“Besides my skill, it is important to know how well the place you want to decrypt is protected. I will not attempt to break the password for you. I will never do this job for a purpose; if I want to have sex, I will do it when my mood is right,” Deniz said.

In spite of their insolent responses, I enjoyed the joy and self-confidence of Deniz, and she had grown up in a wealthy family and had never met difficulty in her life. I said,” We have three valid reasons that require you to help us."

“I know one of your reasons is our friendship with Peri, I like Peri, but even for her sake, I can't get into such a troublesome and risky business.”

Being a friend with Peri was not in the three reasons I thought, and if we add it to it, the reasons come out to four. You know, in fairy tales, our hero sets out for a tough task..."

”Please don't tell me tales, " said Deniz smiling.

“Please let me finish my word. After listening to the end, if you refuse, I will pay respect.”

”Well," said Deniz.

“The hero who set out for a difficult task in fairy tales helps the ordinary people he meets on the road, and of course, because these favors are very appreciated, they will never be left without compensation, they will be paid in the same way.”

“We are only following the truth, and if we can reach it, one more secret will be enlightened, the world will become more transparent, “I added, ”the truth itself is a revolutionist, and you must believe it as a dissident person."

"What is the information you are trying to reach?” she asked me.

"Selim Özben's diagnosis and treatment details, including health information should be reached,“ I said.

"This is a constitutional crime; I don't have to listen to your third reason, I have no doubt it will be as ridiculous as the other two. Let me tell you the third reason, if you wish, that you are suffering from an outdated institution that should be exhibited in museums, you are in a struggle to direct a society that you have created in your imagination, and you think that you are doing good to society and serving society. Nice try, I'm glad to meet you, but I'm sorry I can't help you,” she said.

On the way back, I said, “You have a talented friend who can access any information she wants on hypernet. I hope she will change her decision."

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