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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 22


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Part 22

On the way back, a song played on my quadcopter's radio reminded me that I should call my mother. I told my personal computer to call my mom. She didn't answer. I was used to having her phone answered all the time, so I started to produce theories about what might have happened before I saw the call from my mother.

"Hello Ruhi," my mother said in a lifeless voice.

"Mom, are you okay, your voice sounds a little muffled," I said.

"The microbes I don't know attacked me."

"If they knew you, they wouldn't dare to attack you."

"As the weather of the tropical climate combined with the microbes I don't know, I was badly hit. I was too hard on my body, as far as your father was concerned, because of my extreme exuberance. He thinks the rest of humanity should be sitting at home for days like him. Why would I waste my time sleeping for hours?"

"You're right, what shall I say?"

"The doctor of the ship said my body was exposed to a rare microbe attack. Your father made fun of saying that I had found a rare microbe suitable for myself, but he did not leave me alone during my illness. He became emotional as he got older, I had carved a block of wood for fifty years, I would do better if the material were fine, as some areas are rotten, he could only come to a certain point. I should be thankful, for the first time in his life I saw that he was doing something useful except for making money. I love this guy, his fabric is not very bad, of course, the degree of understanding, the emotional intelligence of a man can be up to a point..."

"My father is not with you; I suppose."

"He just ran off to the playground like a dog that broke its rope. I've been pretty good, but I behaved as I was ill for a few days. I said "I am fine today" and I freed him, so he could go get some air, get socialized. I thought when I was sick that it's the time for you to end your miserable life, I don't know who's gonna take care of you if I'm not with you, and now you're gonna be pissed off..."

"Yeah, you know I don't like being treated like a kid.”

"You are my child, and this situation will never change, You do not necessarily marry, but there must be a woman in your life, even if more than one, it would be better, you should keep a few of them in reserve."

"Do you think women are queuing in front of my door?"

"You're grown up, but you don't know the majority of women are stupid. It's easy to pick up women, saying a few good words is enough, even if they're not pure idiots like men when it comes to being liked, they are same as the man. You can't find the time to know what people are putting your head in computers like an ostrich. The last time I've seen you with a woman was two years ago. I don't know how you can be so indifferent to the relationships. Don't tell me I respect Nur's memory. I wish that disaster had not happened to my angel-faced bride, but it has happened now. It's time to start a new chapter in your life. If there are women around you, you'll be more alive; you'll learn what life is and how to enjoy life. Don't underestimate my words, you men are born with blinders in your eyes, you can focus on only one side of life, however, we women think as versatile as we can, it's not a personal situation, I am your mother, I want you to live a quality life.”

"I don't know what to say, as the years go by, our negotiations are becoming more absurd," I said.

"It is called life coaching, 30-year-old girls offer this service to you in exchange for a basket of money. You know, it's impossible for them to know you as well as I do," she said in joy.

"Thank you for your services, say hi to my father," I said and hung up the phone.

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