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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 21

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Part 21

Tunç greeted us with his broad, bright, smiling face and said, "it is nice to see old friends together."

"The Prime Minister and Interior Security Minister will probably not be able to attend the opening," said Önder.

"Yes, unfortunately, you will have to deal with me," said Tunç.

Önder did not miss the opportunity to lubricate, "you are more than enough for me" he said.

"They are abroad for an important contact. However, if they expressed their intention to participate, opening date could be determined in accordance with their calendars. In an environment where the first agenda item is unemployment, which official wants to participate in an opening that creates jobs for computers, this is the question," he said.

I said, "if computers were allowed to vote, it was okay."

"Dear friends, do you want to make me out of my seat, these are sensitive issues," said Tunç like a father who tried to warn the children without hurting him.

"The part about the secrecy of people's private lives is open to political abuse. With this new facility, your political opponents can claim that citizens will be tracked."

"Let us see if I can explain the purpose of the project in a nice way." He appeared energetically on the stand. "Dear friends, dear citizens, members of the press, I salute you all with my most profound love and respect. We are gathered here today to celebrate a happy event for all of us. We will open our country's first Information Production Center in line with international standards. After a three-year introductory period as a result of rigorous planning, this facility will turn sunlight into information. Yes, my friends, from now on sunshine will not only illuminate but equip us with knowledge. Our panels in the plant will produce energy; our supercomputers will process vast amounts of data and convert it into information. The point I am most happy about this facility is the employment that will be created indirectly with the information it produces. Our facility will provide information that will ensure the security of our country and our citizens by using data compiled from various sources. But of course, the use of this facility will not be limited to security purposes, and our universities will provide access to information produced by the facility. Like a massive fleet of fishers, our facility will draw out information that will generate many benefits from the abundant ocean of data in our country. Protecting personal information is very important to us, my dear friends. We have designed all processes to address two main objectives: first, The Citizen's information security is protected in any case, second, the information produced here is concentrated in the areas that support employment. We will support preventive security activities by installing all of our 100 million citizens' data, including education and health care, as well as the traces they have left on the web.

The mills have not only produced plenty of flour but abundance in Anatolia. The mills have benefited from the water of the beautiful rivers flowing freely and never pollute the environment. Our Information Production Center will grind the data in our country and make it a knowledge like the mills established by our ancestors. Our prime minister and our distinguished Interior Security Minister also wished to attend this opening, but they did not participate because they were carrying out essential contacts abroad. I know very well that on this journey we have reached a critical stage, their hearts are beating together with the employees of the Information Production Center. Dear members of the press, please enlighten our people about our facility, and I believe that the more our citizens learn about our facility, the more we will have the opportunity to share the excitement we are experiencing right now. I do not want to extend the word more, detailed information about our facility can be obtained from our hypernet site. I want to thank you for not leaving us alone on this happy day, and wish our facility to be promising to our country and humanity."

Small applause was raised from the audience, but immediately after the conversation, it was understood that they liked to talk to each other because they started a debate about privacy. Tunç came out of the podium and came to us. A woman with a charismatic air approached with high heels whispered something in Tunç's ear, Tunç made a V mark.

"I wish we would publish the first information that the facility has discovered in a few weeks," said Tunç.

"Thank you again for the responsibility of this important facility, we will do our best to provide the expected benefit of this investment, and we will try to be worthy of you," Önder said.

The lamb is delivered to the wolf, and I thought he would sell this information to whoever pays. He left us for a meeting with the leadership team, so we went to the leader's office to make the scheduled meeting. A young man at the door, who I thought was Önder's assistant, stood up.

"We will use Önder's room, please make sure we do not disturb," Tunç said as he entered the room.

"Of course," said the young man.

"How's the research going, my dear friend?" asked Tunç.

"You've probably followed the reports; we haven't been able to get any concrete information yet."

"Dear old friend, there are so many reports that if I try to read one-tenth of them, my eyes are ruined, we get old, I used to read hundreds of pages a day when I was young. And as an old researcher, I know that general information is written in those reports, and that the main thing is the hypotheses in the researcher's mind. What are the assumptions you have developed, what are the ones that are eliminated, what are the hypotheses you are focusing on. We have a lot of researchers who can do things better than you. It was the spark that could provide the solution I was looking for. I need a first-rate brain to make a hypothesis, man. And I never doubted that I chose the right person."

I said," I'm working on a hypothesis that someone named Selim Özben never lived."

"If you can prove this, even if I don't see it as possible, it would be a big event like the revelation of the secret of the Kennedy assassination in 2027," he said.

"I feel like a colonel following the battles that took place on the plain from the foot of a mountain. I need to climb up to the hills of the mountain and see a wider area beyond the horizon. More importantly, I need to get to the top of the mountain and see what's going on behind the mountain. Only then can I produce mature hypotheses that can direct us to the target. I need to know the main actors and their targets. I must be able to determine what direction these actors' will reflect on the battlefield. In this research, I feel like I'm in the dark. If there are things beyond the plain or behind the mountain that I can't see, but you see where you are, it may be easier for us to get results."

Tunç remained silent for a while. He took an electronic cigarette out of his jacket pocket and lit it. Like Humprey Bogart in Casablanca, he seemed to suffer when he was thinking beyond cigarette smoke.
"When I think about it on a personal level, I see that Galip Salik is a personality that needs to be carefully analyzed. When I consider it on a political basis, those who oppose the order must be very upset that Selim Özben has disappeared. Those who oppose the order claiming that large corporations are mechanizing people, subjecting them to some kind of enslavement, and passively pacifying those who resist the process. As in history, art today stands out as the biggest weapon of the opposition. When it comes to an art form which has a surreal addition, this argument is even more valid. Selim Özben was the idol of people who consider the night as a friend," said Tunç.

"In this case, because he embraces the feeling of opposition, could our organization have neutralized Selim Özben?"I asked Tunç looking carefully at his face.

"As a 20-year employee, you should know that we do not engage in illegal and unethical activities," he said in an angry tone.

"Couldn't a cell in the organization have made it for personal financial benefit?" I asked.

"I don't think so; I think I have mastered the organization; I do not want to narrow down the horizon by restricting freedom of thought, but today you are always standing on the possibilities that will annoy me," he said.

"From the interview, I concluded that I had to take a closer look at the Galip Salik. I had understood in Shanghai that he was at the heart of the dream art business. The first time we met him, he didn't cooperate with us. I'm planning on interviewing opinion leaders from opposing people for now."

"Are you happy with the performance of Peri?"

"I have a hypothesis that she is an android. No individual symptoms."

"You must be on the day to produce radical hypotheses," said Tunç.

"The pressure I feel on me causes my hypotheses to become radicalized."

"New roads can only be opened with strong blows; I'm not complaining about your hypothesis.”

I looked at the broad face behind his oval glasses, his green eyes, and his bald head and I thought Tunç knew how to manage people.

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