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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 20


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Part 20

After a visit to Shanghai at a busy pace, I planned to spend the afternoon at home grooming my soul. When I saw Tunç's message on my pocket computer that he wanted to meet me in private, I realized that this plan has fallen into the water. I took a cold shower to get rid of the road tiredness and the sadness of being separated from Qian Chen. I went out of the shower and changed my clothes and set the wall of my salon to show the mountain views of the Eagles. I tried to guess why Tunç wanted to meet me while watching mountain views changing every minute. The particular conversation emphasis meant that Peri was not required to attend. The good news was given in the community to honor people, and bad news was delivered on its own. There would probably be a restraining of authority, a transfer of duty or cancellation of the investigation. In the beginning, I focused on a few theories that I thought were most likely to be eliminated in the process. Of course, I was wondering what happened to Selim Özben, and Tunç could never stop me from satisfying my curiosity. A researcher should respect his curiosity, nurture and grow them, branch and budge them, cut off unnecessary branches, and continue to nurture productive branches. He should have done this to make the model he created in his mind about what is going on in the universe more and more perfect, not just because other people want it. If the general model in the researcher's mind can solve specific problems, it is an excellent opportunity to test the model. General models, which do not serve practical results, began to rot like plants that had been cut off from the soil over time.

The address Tunç wanted to meet me was a place I'd never been before. When I gave the address to my quadcopter, he said, "Our flight will take 22 minutes, the location was added to the address database three days ago."

I said, "take it to the Autopilot."

I read random poems from my favorite poets on my mobile computer along the way. In our age of incompatibility and nonsense, these poems could be regarded as an aesthetic window, leading indicators of the ultimate harmony. We were passing through a solar energy field where thousands of solar panels spread across an extensive area. Aside from the light they reflected, the panels on the floor seemed to absorb the light coming upon them like a black hole. The quadcopter began to descend into the large building at the northwest end of the solar field. Below, a large number of media workers were busy viewing the hologram statue of a man who was hanging like a ghost on the roof of the building. The hologram, like a planet hanging in the air, has brought a surreal dimension to the very ordinary landscape as it rotates around itself. We had to wait in the air for a while because the aircraft traffic was heavy. Meanwhile, I watched the members of the media laughing at each other by showing the hologram.

As soon as I got off the quadcopter, Önder, the most insidious person I know greeted me. He seemed to have gotten rid of having lost Selim Özben investigation to me. He was an appreciated man because he was good at subservience, and there was no one sharing my observation, but I did not doubt it.

"Has the investigation not yet concluded?" asked Önder.

"I believe that the disappearance of Selim Özben was the result of someone in the security environment."

"I got out of the environment, they made me the caretaker of computers installed here," he said.

"You don't like computers, is the organization trying to get you to beat your phobias?"I asked.

I will be the head of the team producing reports based on the crime-feature relationships, and I have no intention of interacting with computers."

"Do every country have to do this on its own?" I asked.

"Yes, because every country's perverted psychopath is growing in its own culture, the prescriptions don't work, but the system will use the information that is generated elsewhere."

There was a movement around the track, and Tunç's helicopter went down in the sun with a glittering. Compared to the quadcopters around, this luxury helicopter showed the magnificence of the ministry to allies and the enemies. I went by helicopter to meet Tunç and get rid of Önder.

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