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Sci-fi Novel - The Dream Artist - Part 15


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Part 15

When I woke up, I was sleeping alone in a hospital room. I pressed the red button which I thought would help to call someone. When I figured out that nobody's coming, I tried to get up but I couldn't. When I moved, my neck, head, and shoulders were sore, but it didn't stop me from sitting up. While I was looking at my mobile computer, a little girl walked in the door dressed as a doctor. "I've come to inform you about what happened to you; my name is Dr. Ilknur Kenter, psychiatrist,” she said with a childish voice.

“Is Peri okay?”

“She had short-term fainting, refused to come to the hospital, as far as I know.”

“Do my parents know?”

"We didn't inform them."

“Although the wounds in your body are not very important, the severity of accidents and collisions like this can lead to post-traumatic anxiety disorder, which affects the quality of life seriously."

“I don't feel bad.”

"You may not have recovered from the shock of the attack yet.”

"I have experienced similar events before by my profession.”

“If you wish, we can clear your mind.”

“Is there no risk of mind erasure, accidentally erasing the wrong part of the memory, or the whole of my mind?”

“There has never been a bad example, but there is always a risk,” she said.

“I'm happy with my memories including the bad ones, doctor; they're all mine. Now, if you'il excuse me, can I leave?”

“If you read and approve this text, of course, you can go.”

She took a computer out of her pocket, opened and gave it to me. I signed on the text that I was responsible for everything that could happen to me by pressing my middle and cue fingers.

I called my mother in the morning because of the regret I felt when I thought I was going to die. It would be good to visit her, I could also talk to my father and find out his last thoughts about the Mars trip.

”The waves of the ocean are shaking," my mother said.

“Are you watching a movie, I was thinking of coming to you.”

“I said to your father if you have enough money to go to Mars, let's go round the world with the money you're about to spend to swallow red dust. I had no hope, but he accepted. I always say this man has a golden heart. When we caught a 30 percent discount on the World Tour holiday with the ship, we packed our luggage overnight and threw ourselves on board. We did well, didn't we?” she said.

“You did well.”

“You're okay I suppose, I didn't have a bad dream last night.”

“I'm fine; the research is going on. Tell my regards to dad, tell him not to smoke too much.”

“He stopped smoking cigarettes and started to smoking cigars once a day, and then he became a cigar addict, he's always going to the deck to smoke, and I'm worried that he's going to do something with other women; he's on the deck right now.”

“He needs to talk to women first to get a job done.”

"I've always envied to women whose husbands are cheerful, vitality and joy prevail in the house. Cheerful men make a variety of tricks in the bad and add excitement to the environment. It's only a matter of time for such men to go after other women, and Refik has to go after me because I'm the only woman he can communicate with except her mother."

“I wish you a good trip, take care of my father, stop him getting overwhelmed and jump into the sea.”

”He has no problem when he takes the pills regularly, even sometimes he speaks two sentences in a row."

“Well, I wish you a good holiday, take care of yourself.”

Even if I was not traveling on the deck of a cruise ship in the ocean like my father, I sat down in the hall and activated the wall to watch the various beaches of the world and to sense their voices, smells, and breezes. I asked Asima to bring me a beer, a plate of nuts and an electronic cigarette. I ordered to the wall of my hall to fetch images from the Norwegian fjords. Asima first brought my e-cigarette, then my beer and nuts. To get into the air, I lowered the temperature of the house and went on a trip to the beauty of the northern ice sea coast. The buzzing of waterfalls pouring into the sea from the mountains of snow gave my ears and eyes great pleasure. The images of these mountains reflected from the calm waters of gulf seem to be a divine message. As the pictures changed, as I watched the shattered masses of ice floating over the sea, the light reflected from the sea by the red evening clouds, the light beams flowing beneath the black clouds, the vast rock pillars rising from the sea to the sky as if they were to bless the landscape. I thought we'd be stuck in the tech toys, taking a deep breath from my cigarette. When I saw the message on my cell phone, I called Peri with the vitality of the scenes I watched.

“We didn't get a chance to tell each other that we were okay. The drug barons didn't like to be around the detectives.”

“After the attack attempt, a large-scale search was done, but nothing could be achieved.”

"I hope you made sure they don't bother C.”

"He was questioned at his home, not taken into custody. I can arrange a meeting with the engineer living in Shangai who produces the dream broadcast software used by Selim Özben."

Her determination to conclude the investigation was reflected in her voice as if she had never experienced what had happened to us the day before. I thought there was something unnatural about Peri's attitude on the job. The title of the revolution machine, which was attributed to Lenin who carried out the Bolshevik Revolution could be applied as an investigation machine to Peri.

"Sometimes I suspect you're a robot.“

“You can be sure I'm a human being with flesh and bones,” she said without showing any sign of irritability.

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