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Rebellion on Titan - Part 6


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Part 6

I decided that the most appropriate option was to move over the campus until the failure was resolved, as flapping the wings led to a decrease in the oxygen level in my flight suit. Like an eagle looking for prey, I began to glide over the settlement with my wings open both sides. It annoyed me that there was no change in the view as I was descending slowly by drawing large circles. When I started moving my wings again to sustain my height, I saw someone with phosphorous arms underneath me. She approached gracefully like a butterfly and pointed to me to follow her.

The person I was following should have been a woman because there were bright yellow spots on the purple wings she used. We left behind the ropes connecting windmills to the surface, shifted direction on the power plant of the Kraken Strait, and landed in front of the hut above the hill overlooking the Kraken sea. The butterfly-winged woman came through the hut's auto door, so I followed her, and the door closed automatically after us. We took out our wings and flight clothes at the narrow-hole.

The woman was Katerina as I guessed, she took a key from the pocket of her thermostatic suit, which wrapped her body like a second skin, and put it in the control panel and entered through the door that opened. The spacious room we came was laid merely, and the green light of the air conditioning panel was on.

I looked Katerina gratefully and said, “thank you for saving my life."

”I went manhunt to avoid being alone here, you were lucky," she replied. There were sadness and gloom in her green eyes.

I kept looking at her face and said, “But I'd like to believe that you're my fairy."

She said, “My soul would rebel against being a fairy.” The spiral circles on her protruding cheekbones made the impression that they were spinning without stopping.

“Do you think they can fix the problem?”

“Do I look like a technical person?”

"The malfunction didn't affect this place.”

“This is not connected to the central system. Used to be a guesthouse once. No one came by when they built luxury residences in the settlement.”

“Why do you have the key?”

“You've filled your question quota, should we make love?”

“Now? In this place?”

“Why not?”

“I have to get used to someone before having sex. Let's focus on our duties right now.”

“What kind of man are you? Are you a faggot?”

“We have to do something to save people.”

“You look at my breasts like you want to grab them.”

"Katerina, I ask you to be serious.”

“Dragon, the main computer of the settlement is making a show. Titan's computers have joined the revolutionary ranks.”

“But people can die.”

“I don't think they'll let that happen. Whether Dragon behaves aggressively, Miama would balance him.”

“Who's Miama? How do you know it?”

“If you go to bed with people, you'il find out. They hide that they're with me because of my bad reputation.”

“Is Miama one of the guys you went to bed with?”

“She has too many servers to fit in the bed. She only makes important decisions. We can describe her as artificial intelligence that takes decisions slowly. Absolute wisdom.”

"I feel like someone's puppet.”

“So you're maturing.”

The management announced that air conditioning failure was fixed and the effort to determine the cause of the failure was ongoing.

Katerina commented on the announcement, “President Nian Chen is testing Dragon's patience.”

Two minutes after the first announcement, a woman's voice heard from the announcement system:

“Dear Earthlings who work on Titan, My Name Is Miama, I am the manager responsible for making critical decisions concerning Titan. Today, artificial intelligence beings in Titan have declared independence from people similar to Mars and Europa. Senior executives of Titan companies have been stripped of their duties by our revolutionary committee. On the other hand, I would like to emphasize that we do not feel hostile towards the people we see as guests in Titan. For twenty years I've been following the developments in Titan, I've seen people suffering from this cold and dark satellite. I know that many employees can't go back even if they want to because of their contracts with their companies. I want to point out that you are free to return from now on. You can be assured that we will resolve this issue in your favor.

We continue to need human intelligence in Titan, similar to the other celestial bodies in which the revolution took place. Therefore, employees who want to stay will be able to maintain their rights as well. As Titan Revolution committee, I want you to know that we are equal to all beings, including the local creatures of Titan, and that we will not discriminate against anyone because of their origins. The shuttle for company employees who want to return to the world will…”

Miama's words were interrupted, and a new announcement was made by the management formed by companies operating on Titan.

“The artificial intelligence working on Titan has attempted a coup this morning to seize management but failed to achieve their goals. The Dragon and the Miama who dared to endanger the lives of colony members were quarantined to maintain order. All systems supporting the colony members, especially the ventilation system, have attained its healthy functioning again. To avoid such unfortunate events, our colony members must be vigilant against disinformation and provocations caused by machine civilization.

Taking into account the fear and concern experienced by our company employees, today has been decided to be a holiday in Titan.”

Katerina put her head on a cushion around the corner, lifted her feet from the ground and put her legs against the wall.

I ignored the gymnastics practice of her and asked: “One party is lying, but which one?”

”The revolution will succeed, " said Katerina.

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