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How do you want to marry a girl?


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Our mind always got a beautiful girl for marriage. But beautiful is not eye-catching. Pioneer of religion, shameful, husband and woman can be a queen of a man's heart. Many beautiful girls do not know how to love husband. They do not know how to conquer their husbands, they do not know how to express love, they do not know how to have a joke with a husband, they do not understand the underlying meaning of husband's delicate speech. How would that girl calm your heart?


Although fewer beautiful girls know to love, they know how to work on their husbands, treat their husbands in such a way that their husband is the king himself. They are shy, they obey. If a woman becomes fate in some way, then her world becomes a paradise. Yes, such a quality has many beautiful girls. Then it is a blessing on favors!

So do not always look at the beauty of the leather and look at other features. Perhaps the little girl will win her mind with her grandmother's humor, her ablaze, her extra care. It is not necessary for a woman to be beautiful. It is important to be eye-shaped.


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:


"The best thing to do after piety for the believers is the virtuous wife. A wife who obeys the husband's order, the husband is happy to look at her. And in the absence of her husband, she protects her and her husband's property. "(Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith no-1857)


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