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Blue Baikal - Where Consumers, Contents, & Creators are Connected


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Blue Baikal

Where Consumers, Contents, & Creators are Connected



Hunter's comment

Blue Baikal is a platform focusing on the entertainment category, build on the top of STEEM blockchain.

@BlueBaikal follows 3C of the entertainment industry; Creators, Contents, and Consumers. On the platform, anyone can recommend or review anything related to entertainment such as movies, TV shows, series, books, games and so on! And for doing so, contributing on the platform, the users/consumers/content-creators are rewarded with BBC tokens.


The pre-registration for the platform was opened on March 27, 2019, and everyone registered was given 100 BBC tokens.

Blue Baikal is currently running a platform-launching contest, giving away 500 BBC to every participants who does a review on their platform and 100 STEEM to one winner!

The platform is still in alpha, so you should be expecting lots of bugs. It supports English and Korean language.


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