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Free Cinema under the Stars

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7 months agoBusy


Taking a leisurely stroll in the park with family and friends is nice especially if the weather is balmy. It would also be nice if we could all sit down in the park to enjoy a movie later in the evening.

Watching a movie in the cinema with young kids is not easy as their attention span evaporate so easily and being confined to the seat for some ninety minutes could be challenging for these little active souls. The solution could be watching at an outdoor cinema. You could always leave if the kids get restless and won't feel the pinch of wasting the ticket money as it's free!

Community events hosted by nonprofits or public entities sometimes include open air cinema that plays movies that are not recent releases. Most of the movies featured are family friendly and may even be classics or full-length animation.


To enjoy this free cinema under the stars, bring some popcorn, blankets, chairs, pillows and prepare to have a great time with your family and friends! The kiddo brought along his insect carrier just in case he's lucky enough to spot some roly poly or lightning bugs.



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