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How Much Money I Earned on YouTube for 1 Million Views on a Video


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Hello DTube and Steemians!

In this video I talk about how much money I earned on YouTube with 1 video that reached 1 Million views. I wanted to share with you the type of money you can expect to make on YouTube. It definitely varies between channels. Some videos that reach 1 Million views will make more or less then others. But at least this gives you a ball park. It is also worth pointing out that it took quite awhile for that video to reach that amount. This particular video that I am talking about is my "How to Make Crepes" video from my cooking channel, In the Kitchen with Matt. A few days ago it finally reached 1 Million views and I was super excited. Making money on YouTube is definitely doable although if you are just starting out you will make more on DTube so make sure you are uploading to both platforms! It may get frustrating at times, just don't give up, hang in there and keep at it! : )

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You can watch the video here on YouTube as well if you like:

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