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To become great, one must start small, be willing to listen, learn, serve others first.


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It is often said that a great leader must be a great man or a great woman. But what makes one human mind, body, soul and spirit be recognized in time, among the millions, to stand-out among the crowd and draw millions to a cause?

Some say it is passion. Certainly passion alone will not endure without character, moral direction, the pursuit of justice, liberty, equality, freedom and all that Mother Liberty stands for.

Certainly endurance comes with passion. And passion follows the pursuit of a dream. A dream may come for personnal reasons or be the result of the pursuit of justice, equality and freedom. Who can judge the heart of man?

○ Many a leaders in the past who today are recognized as historical figures, are only so because those who lead nations often have a morally contorted character. This brings to mind the bankers, the Illuminati, the Bilderburgs and many who lead nations, help to mold and shape laws and place or remove governments into power. These are the ones who write history. The history is of those who conquer and those who conquer usually do with a wicked sword. Thus, the history they teach, the heros they herald, are not true heros. False patriots, fake leaders, fake governments, fake religions, all to fool the masses.

○ While men are considered in history books great leaders, their true story is often shameful. They are placed on pedestals and the truth about their life is not told.

● The brave, the great are often not recognized. They work in the shadows. They dream, envision, mold and shape a new world by their thoughts, their actions. They are the ones who are driven by a passion for their work, for their skill, for their talents. Often it is self-driven. Great are those who sacrifice all to help shape a better world and yet work in silence and with little recognition.

○ Those who are often recognized have a powerful banker, philantrophist, King, Monarch or noble help them, as long as the individual will help the aristocracy, elite, cabal achieve their goals.

Greater is he who thinks of the masses first and is willing to lead out of concern and love for the planet and not out of love of self. May God help us in this journey.

☼ May the light from above, the sun by day, the moon by night guide us as we soar to the sky on the wings of an eagle. May the lowly and wasted among the earth, the wretched refuse come to these teeming shores. For we lift our light beyond the gates and beckon all to come. For in this light is freedom, liberty and justice for all. Long live America The Beautiful ! May God continue to shed His Grace on Thee!! ☼ ☼ ☼

Mother Liberty. Project Free Planet Earth. ∑

Immortality, the extreme gift of love.


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