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▶ This is not a game. We expose fake Q-anon!!


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This is not a game. We expose fake Q-anon.

We are Q. We don´t need a fake Q.

Links for the community from AIM research:

Patriots Expose Fake Q Psyops – American Intelligence Media.

Fake Q is dead.

Were you conned by the Fake Q Psy-op?

The People´s Manifesto is declared – fake Q exposed.

This post exposes how the Dawn of the Golden Don is what the Q psy-op is based upon and exposes this Golden Dawn as Illuminati Luciferian lies.

False Statements made by Limo Wreck Regarding Q

Covering the post made by anonymous exposing Q and the change of IP which may indicate it was not Q, after the “you failed reply”. Q exposed as a failure.

Who is fake Q?

Q COUP-DE-ETAT EXPOSED HERE and in the comments section of the post. It explains the history of Q.

Freeing Humanity from the Banking Cartel: Karen Hudes Consulted by Trump.

Trump exposed as a Black Nobility Banking cartel agent & chabad member. Fake Q exposed as a fraud. Jeff SESsions exposed as part of the Mueller - Rosenstein Operation Cross Fire Hurricane impeachment attempt against a standing president.



QAnon: QPost Websites Ran By Occultists? 100% Walkthrough #Q #GreatAwakening

The Seven layers of Deception in fake Q, SERCO, SES, Syria, British Crown and Khazarian NWO mafia.

THE Q SOURCE X PLAN to save the U.S. and Plan to Save the World Revealed.

The Fake Q Plan to Save The World Exposed!!

The Source of Q - The Story & Background.

Mother liberty beckons....

New Political Party NESARA frees America !

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The Blue-Print for the New Republic. Restore the Republic Now!!


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