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▶ Steps needed to restore the broken Republic of the U.S.A.


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Here are the sequential steps needed to restore the Republic, restore our Constitution and before we can conduct military arrests and - or Citizen arrests - US Marshalls arrests of the criminals and or using the U.S. Marines: (A fake modified version of the Constitution is currently in place. Thus the need to restore the original one. See Karen Hudes YT channel for details).

Fire all Obama-appointed generals in the U.S. military.

Fire the Obama private army – the SES CRIME SYNDICATE members. End SES. (If not possible to end it, pay them all one dollar. Trump can challenge SES in the Supreme Court) Fire all 500 SES DOJ lawyers or pay them all $1 dollar salary till they all quit.

The Office of Special Council & SES exposed!


③ Fire first to start all top level SES members in all Federal agencies who are obstructing justice. Then work your way down to fire all the others.

Fire Rosenstein.

TRUMP - FIRE ROSENSTEIN NOW!! - will eliminate Sessions & Mueller!!


The crimes of Rosenstein Exposed!!

Start military and or citizens arrests of all criminals – Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Rosenstein, Jeff SESsions, Mueller, Congress members involved in the CRIMINAL CROSS-FIRE HURRICANE coup-de-etat operation to impeach Trump. Fire DWS, the AWANS and impeach all Congress members which support them – the same who support Strzok in his crimes.

⑥ Arrest fake Q, Pamphlet, Nemo, Jordan S. and all those pushing the fake Q garbage.

⑦ Implement the Blue-Print for the New Republic.

⑧ Implement the Q SOURCE X Plan to Restore the Republic.

→ Please CLICK HERE also for more details.

Implement NESARA as a new political party & elect our own new President who is willing to end the Fed and allow us to mint our our currencies free of the banking cartel. (See Karen Hudes videos for details). Trump is blocking this.

New Political Party NESARA frees America!

⑩ Implement The Plan to Save The Planet.

Restore the original Constitution of 1787 – 1789.

Shut-down the Federal Reserve.

Restore the original common law as existed prior to the Civil War. Shut-down the Maritime Courts. End the state of martial law and military rule which has been in effect since the U.S. Civil War, which never ended.

Elect Karen Hudes as our new President. She is in a position to achieve all the above. Something Trump is not willing to do - end the Fed and allow us to mint our own new currencies free of the banking cabal.


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Welcome to Restore The Republic U.S.A. now!

The Step-by-Step Take-down of the Deep State

The Restoration of a broken Republic which is no more and has turned into a Crown Corporation.

Restore the Republic U.S.A now!!



New Political Party NESARA frees America !

Mother Liberty.


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