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Mother liberty beckons....

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I mourn for thee, oh land once free...

∑ I am Mother Liberty,

I beckon my children to come and listen,

For this once great nation now has faded in glory,

Her children cast upon the land mourn and grieve. Do we not know?

► What has happened to you, oh America, The Land of the Brave and the Free?

♪ What have you become oh America?

I shall say now for I must no longer hide my silence. ♫

You have become a nation no longer governed by the just and the brave, no...

♯ Oh say, can you see?

● What has happened to your laws and to your Constitution?

Do we not know?

● What has happened to your "courts of justice?" ۩


What has happened to your politicians? ᴥ

What has happened to the rule of law?

Can I now share with you,

what few can see?

Here it goes, Mother liberty beckons....

America has become a nation devoid of so many things,

that once made her great.

She has wondered far far away from the guiding principles which once made her a beacon of light.

● The once Great has now become a nation with contorted laws, contorted politicians and ruled by tricksters and gangsters. Slowly, she was cooked as a frog in boiling water and her liberties were taken and she fell to sleep. Slowly, step-by-step, she began to lose her voice. Slowly, her heart beat changed and she became sick. Gradually she became taken-over by enemies from within, while all along her people thought they were free...and sadly so....

● She has become a nation no longer ruled by her own authentic Constitution. 1787 was the year it as authentic. And then, in the times of a Civil War (which in fact never ended, no truce) and beyond, she lost that beacon of light and that document was replaced no longer then within a hundred years. A so a forgery took it´s place, laid and cast by a wretched class of British Traitors, the holders of Titles of Nobility. (Forbidden in the original Constitution and ratified 13th amendment, illegally removed from our Constitution).


America, once free, now secretly subverted and it´s people unaware. Her freedom replaced by military rule. Liberty replaced by martial law (Admiralty Law, The Law of the Sea, War-time law rules her courts of justice).. Her Constitution banned by administrative judges operating under the color of law. Her Congress replaced during the ravages of war and now these traitors serve not their people. No, they serve their Black Nobility banking cartel Masters and foreign Kings.

And so the story goes, the history no longer taught...

● For it was no later then 1933 when she was no longer truly free. Her gold was seized and her wealth plundered. Concoctions of deceiving minds drew up an Emergency banking Act - which dissolved the Federal Government and removed The Constitution of 1787 from it´s courts of law. And this shut her government down. Nothing but an illusion of trickery and deceit. And, forthcoming, America lost her true Congress. Abolished, it became a mere facade. Smitten and stricken to the ground, America lost her legitimate government, yet few could see. No longer did America, the once beautiful, have her own legitimate government. She was stripped of her beauty and of her own majesty. Her Halls of Congress now over-run by a mob of thieves. Her temples of justice now over-run and fallen in tumbles.


The ruling elite criminals of foreign powers, the wretched reckless agents of dark foreign powers have stripped the land of her own legitimate representatives. Wicked servants of foreign powers have over taken and stripped America of her garments of justice. America, now lost at sea, now forced to board a foreign ship. America, now converted from a nation of liberty to a nation of servants and slaves to the British Empire. Slaves to these foreign powers and agents of the British Queen, the Vatican and of the Black Nobility Pharaonic blood-line families of the Octogon Templar slave masters in Switzerland. Yet few can see. How many can ponder these truths? How many have open minds to see? Yet this knowledge is given to few yet all are called to see.


A Great Awakening is here, but not the one many are being led to believe. For the Wikis of The World have warned of the ongoing psyops which have dragged millions by deceit. Agents of deception promising secret knowledge and insight have usurped a movement by We The Free. They have subverted it and now use their PIED PIPER agents of deception (Faux "Q") to deceive many with their soap boxes and false awakenings. “Give us your money”, they cry, “and we will red pill you with the truth!” they claim. Agents of deception have swayed the minds of millions and few there are who can see. Soap boxes blowing bubbles and smoke which they blow into the faces of old Veterans & old ladies, easy preys to their marketing schemes of deception. "Come get the latest drop!" They claim. Nothing but criminals, the worst predators of a loathsome kind.

▪ What has America become?


○ America has become a nation where fraudulent history is taught in her schools. Yet few there are who know...for the masses have not been taught the true history. For the victors of the wars are the one that re-write it´s history. America, subdued to foreign agents of deception and powers, has had likewise these agents re-write her history books...and in silence the masses are led as sheep to the slaughter...blindly following whatever lies the so called masters can conjure-up, deluding the minds of unsuspecting children and too busy masses which bear children into captivity, while believing to be free.

▪ What has America become?

○ A nation where secret societies and devil worship have take over it´s institutions. A nations where pedophilia members run it´s government.

○ A nation where private bankers and a Black Nobility and Jesuit priests (think JFK) of murder have taken over it´s banking institutions and in turn blame the Jews.

○ A nation where Federal agencies are involved in murder, drug trafficking, attacking it´s own citizens in body and in the courts, to lead them to bankruptcy. And yet do the masses see?


○ A nation where "Q"s and Ts promise liberty and a glorious year, while the "Q"s push all to trust enemies of the state and those who protect former criminals of the state. A nation where SESsions of injustice and departments lacking in justice promise to execute so called “justice” with lying tongues and hatred in their hearts. A faux justice of fools, as they betray their own President in lies and deceit, abandoning the job for which they were hired in recusal, while the trap to frame and ensnare is set in a treacherous Cross-Fire Hurricane illegal Counter-Intelligence operation coup-de-etat against a standing President, with Democrats applauding. A nation where politicians gouge the people in the right eye, as they protect the Federal agents of deception.

○ A nation where those such as Hitlery, Papa and baby bushes, Mules and others participate in the greatest false flag in U.S. history of 9-11 and then cover it up. The same who now charge towards Trump by the fabrication of lies. Concocted dossies using British spies and foreign Intelligence. Carters and Pages of fake documents and agents of spying and deceit. Foreign FISAs and mountains of abuse. Secret societies set up by Mac and Cabes and more Lisas and pages of deception. Federal agencies deployed to deception. Witnesses marching to the drums of concoctions. Foreign agents of smear and lashed towards the incoming President in a rage of hatred and contempt. Rats victims of a sinking ship, clinging to the remaining pieces of wood upon the water, raging and fighting, turning upon each other as they seek to take down the last remaining pieces of the empire they blew-up.


○ A nation where plants such as SESsions (SES member) come-in to protect Hitlery, the bummer Bama and their Uranium Crime syndicate. A land of a smelly Rosy Frankenstein and where Mules (carry Uranium samples to Russia for Uranium deals) who go after POTUS, smear their associates and destroy the lives of many innocent American people in the trail of destruction. Meanwhile, their storm and black cloud of treachery sweeps across the land and gathers more dust and smoke as it continues along it´s path unabated. And more agents of deception gather around the POTUS and push the cloud on and gather to it´s momentum, promising to help the POTUS but digging the dagger of betrayal even deeper.


○ A nation of puppets and agents who protect Jihadists and terrorists, running shipments of depleted cargoes of death in uranium. A cast of thieves led by The Mule and drivers of cargoes. The depleted uranium masses of goods flowing in and out of over-taken highways and ports. Flow they do into Canada and from there into the world. A nation lacking in uranium yet having it sold on the black market to the highest bidder. The same agents of crime now gather to remove a standing president.


▪ What has America become?

○ A nation where the very ports and port authorities have been taken over by foreign agents of terror. A nation where those who expose Project Pelican crimes are mocked by "Q" and his criminal followers.

○ A nation infiltrated by terrorists, gang members and subverted from within by treasonous Presidents – Bama, by the Clowns in America and their agents Hitlery, papa and baby Bushes and traitors such as John who walks with a cain, Lindsey (not Billy Graham, with their depleted uranium ARSENAL factory in Bulgaria, which supplies arms directly to terrorists via Silk Airlines as they get rich in so doing).

○ A nation where an ex secretary of State can murder anyone who investigates her crimes with impunity.

○ A nation where the halls of Congress are filled with agents of betrayal and whom have been planted there by a Black Nobility which runs the global banking cartel. Peters & Struck-out liars testify. Yet few can see and few are told..... A nation where at least one half of Congress and Demoncrats do not care about it´s people but rather only lining their own pockets, subverting it´s own intelligence and helping foreign powers to subvert from within...... so much drama and deceit and why oh why if not for a few to become rich?

▪ What has America become?

○ A nation that destroys countries and murders presidents such as Moammar al-Qadhafi, simply for trying to build a great economy and becoming free of the Black Nobility and of the banking cartel.

○ A nation that destroys innocent people as in Iraq, with false pretenses and false Intelligence - CIA - Bush claims of “weapons of mass destruction”, when it itself is the greatest Purveyor and employer of such weapons.

○ A nation that supports terror on the border of Israel, and prevents nations from investigating murders by the Israeli forces of innocent Palestinians.

○ A nation that bombs another country, Syria, & with a President duped to do so, based upon false intelligence based upon You-tube videos, with no proof of any crime committed.

▪ What has America become?

○ A nation that dupes presidents to use drones and kills innocent people in dwellings and weddings, innocent relatives of the guilty and those who have committed no crime. Reckless strikes upon the rights of humanity. Aberrant mockery of international justice. The reckless use of power to arbitrarily take lives with no mercy.

▪ What has America become?

○ A nation that has murdered millions using atomic weapons. A nation that murdered millions of innocent women and children in the Second World war in Europe and in Germany, burning innocent civilians on the streets, as their cities burst into flames reaching miles into the air. Cherished historical cities all razed by merciless bombers from the sky, agents of hell and destruction. Innocent women and children, victims of their own circumstances, murdered by brutal and merciless invading forces, when all along they were in naive innocence they were welcoming them with open arms, only to face destruction and death. Nations wanting to be free of the Black Nobility and their banks were destroyed and razed in violence by the same bankers to prevent their liberty. And now the same have murdered and silenced countless in America who also sought to over-turn their empire of crime, such as JFK.

○ America, a nation where wrong is right and right is wrong. A nation that mocks those that seek liberty and freedom. A land where those who attempt to speak up are gang stalked, murdered, silenced via control of the media, of the Internet channels. You the your the tube and FBook, agents of mass control and suppression. A nation where Sorry Soros is not prosecuted for all of his crimes. A nation where the guilty walk the streets free, laughing, smiling and mocking for Hitlery and while the innocent languish in prisons for profit, with no one to rescue them.

▪ What has America become? The land of the free? No, she has become the land of those enslaved to a private banking system, to the whims of courts of law that no longer function under the Constitution. These courts, now somewhat secretively have become subverted under Maritime law and the law of the sea. What has happened to our law of the land? It has been buried by foreign ships. Mere administrative courts now try and condemn our once free – agents of a foreign state subverting from within the boundaries of Washington and the British Crown now dictate the laws of our lands once free. Now these foreign courts hold her cities under The British clutch, yet few can see.

► America, once the land of the free now a nation where foreign companies and monopolies have taken over her land and government. The SERCOs and the SES, formed with no consent. The Special Councils, formed by the same people, illegally and without approval on Congress when created. All created by the same people and the same agents of deception. Does anyone care and how many can see such deception? The foreign powers subverting from within. America once free, now a quasi British colony and secretively held captive while the masses are told they are free? Yet few can see.


► America, a nation that has militarized it´s police forces into a quasi prison and police state and where citizens no longer have rights and yet only the privileges the masters desire to bestow upon them and on a whim.

○ A nation where blacks fight with whites and where families are subverted at all levels. A nation where religion and politics divide and where the mentally or physically unfit are mocked and ridiculed.

○ A nation where drugs have seized control of the young.

A nation divided.

A nation no longer under God, indivisible, no longer with liberty and justice for all.

What have we become, oh America the once beautiful?

God had shed his grace on thee, but now though art outcast, with the teeming seas now carrying thy children.

When, oh when America, will you rise-up and cast off the shackles which now bind you?

When will you rise to set yourself free?

How long, oh children of disgrace, shalt thy put up with such mockery, oppression and deceit?

Come with me, says Mother Liberty. Let us cast off these chains,

and together re-build once again,

a nation that is free.

Mother Liberty says: Come, come with me!!!

Project Free Planet Earth. ☺ ☼ ☻
☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻☺ ☼ ☻


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