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CICADA 3301 - Lestat Exposes Fake Q & Defends Q SOURCE X!!


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Please welcome Lestat and CICADA 3301 to the Steemit community everyone!


Thanks for the upvote also!!

QANON Final Investigation part #48 summup steemit post for consideration by the truth community

Lestat from CICADA 3301 defends authentic Q - SOURCE X & EXPOSES FAKE Q.

Previous Lestat from CICADA 3301 response in defense of Q SOURCE X:

Hi~ awesome content! i see that you are ok if I use it, apparently the "Q plan to save the world" video fired up the Q thing again, I plan to do a video as well, this Q Hydra has to be pierced on the heart, otherwise we will only keep giving it more exposure. Much respect for your work thank you. Keep it up =)


by CICADA 3301

False prophets of fake Q come to attack Lestat, CICADA 3301, Wikileaks & any alt media which expose their lies!

Lestat from CICADA 3301 speaks in defense of Q SOURCE X and denounces fake Q false prophet:

Hi again! long time no see =) so this past weeks I have been busy trying to bring down this terrible mind virus that seems just to not want to go away~ but i feel he's weaker than ever.

Not sure if you are aware of my recent adventure when i went for war drummer, hes doing brain washing in another level.


Lestat from CICADA 3301 responds:

I did not threaten his life that's absurd im in another country, but the thing that trigger my alarm is that he sends his subs without showing evidence, and they obey, and put the mos disgusting comments possible.

Y have been also on this on twitter, Any help or advise you can share? I would be greatful everyone is afraid of the qcult, but qcultist avoid me, so any way. Thank you in advanced and congrats in your work done, I have other cool stuff in my youtube channel i think you might enjoy.

This year Butthirt award goes to fake q ;)





For those who don´t know who Lestat is:

Sample video of Lestat:

Lestat is a PRIME member of CICADA 3301, one of the core creator team of artists and producers, the mysterious Internet puzzle famous world-wide. He works with Thomas S. and other CICADA members. He creates videos and graphics for CICADA 3301 and is very gifted and talented.

Fake Q deceiving millions, even Christians, making predictions via Spirit Boxes.

Fake Q uses religion to draw in Evangelicals and fool them. Fake Q uses false prophets servants of the Devil** to trick Christians into following Q. These false Christians false prophets then use religion to attack those who expose fake Q. This is why the author of that video Lestat posted is attacking Lestat - because he and CICADA 3301 are exposing fake Q. Q criminals have also attacked many others exposing them such as Wikileaks, Infowars** and people associated with them who also expose fake Q anon. Corsi and others have exposed fake Q. Corsi had been fooled by fake Q for some time, but came to his senses when he realized it was all fake and compromised. Nemos is one of the Patriot Soap Box scammers, along with Jordan Sather, Pamphlet anon and others. They are the one running the entire scam and marketing scheme to defraud fake Q followers. Nemo is a criminal who got off on a one million dollar bail. Fake Q got famous by getting on Info Wars and now Q and Patriot Soap box attack Info Wars, slandering them. Fake Q and patriot Soap Box are one and the same. They are whole integraded and one unit. Q quotes patriot Soap Box and their websites in the posts he makes. The fake Q scammers use people to get famous and then slander those who helped them become famous. They are taking advantage of elderly Veterans, old ladies and defenseless people to make money on them. They have minions who work for fake Q who lie, cheat, slander others, spy on others, dox others and ban others from posting on their board. It is impossible for Q SOURCE X, the authentic creator of the first stages of Q, to even post on their board. They attack and ban Q SOURCE X. When one posts on Q Research any link to the board of Q Source X, it is directed to some shill video supporting fake Q. Code Monkey has rigged the Q-Research board so that only the version they control, the trip-code they control of "Q" can post on their board. No other board does this. One can post freely on any board on 8-chan except Q Research Board. This is proof it is rigged by the owners of the board, by Code Monkey who does the programming. The fake Q controlling that board and running Patriot Soap Box hijacked the original Q and now it has become a PIED PIPER Deep State Intelligence Operation to dis-inform, get all trusting the wrong people. They steal ideas from other such as Q Source X, CICADA, AIM, Edward Snowden and use the fake ideas of David Wilcock (Partner of deceiver Jordan Sather) of saving the planet, a failure. He has been scamming people for years with promises of mass arrests, prosperity packages for the planet and the like. Similar to the Dinar scam. These fake Christians use Echo Spirit Boxes and the like to make the fake "Q" predictions, via divination. Do not trust one word fake Q from Q-Research Board says. His only job is to mis-direct, dis-inform and prop-up the interests of the deep state shadow government New World Order banking cartel criminals.


Immortality, the extreme gift of love.


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