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Fake “Q” Anon Is a David Brock – Five Eyes – Soros Psyop - Exposed!!


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Fake Q is leading followers to conduct terrorist attacks.

Starting January 02nd, 2018, fake “Q” anon has been co-opted by the fake “Patriot´s Soap Box” who now work as informants and paid agents of the Five Eyes – David Brock – Hillary, Obama and the deep state agenda.

Legit Q was connected to Trump – ALL VERSIONS OF Q ON THE CHANS ARE FAKE – explained here!


This is the main agenda of fake “Q” anon. With everyone trusting in SESsions, a Senior Executive Service operative of the Deep State, Rosenstein and Mueller become free to go after Trump and his associates and no one suspects that it is actually part of the illegal Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane turned coup-de-etat to remove Trump via the Mueller probe. Jeff SESsions is part of this scam. He recused himself to allow Rosenstein to appoint Mueller. It was all a well plotted-out and contrived scheme. SESsions pretending to be on the Trump Maga team, to get his foot in the door. Once in, he became Mr. Magoo do nothing and this allowed Rosenstein to hand the Department of Justice over to the FBI via Mueller. Now basically the FBI, the Rose Law Firm, the Clintons, the Demoncrats and their allies David Brock, Obama and the anti-Trump people run the DOJ. They also control the FBI via this same Senior Executive Service.

Operation Cross-Fire-Hurricane Coup-De-Etat To Remove President Trump Exposed!!


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