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Exploit in Web Browser May Allow changing Discord Logs on I-Phone!


2 years agoSteemit4 min read

It would be easy for them to fake the Q posts using this app. All they would need to do is open the app on a browser, show the source code text, change the date, content and then publish it to their I-phone! The APP works with both Android and I-phone! Anyone tech savy could crack this and use it as an exploit to modify or create custom DISCORD logs with custom dates and times!

How to Text From Your Computer with the NEW Android Messages for Web

This Is Tech Today
Published on Jun 28, 2018
Google just updated Android Messages for web to allow you to text from your computer or even other devices like tablets as long as you have access to a browser! Previously, you had to use complicated workarounds like Push Bullet to even get something close to what Apple has on the iPhone with iMessage. Now Android users have a native text message solution on the computer, and yes, it does include SMS. Let me show you how!

Have you used another method to text from your computer? Leave a comment below!


The new Anti - Q psyop by Jack Posobiec & Microchip that UNIrock fell for. Only Q SOURCE X can crack it for you!

Please see instructions here also:

How to change text messages in discord (fake dms)

And more, in the Microchip supposed proof that those chat logs were from his I-phone,

① He does not show a real image of his phone and of his hand scrolling!

② There is no scroll bar!

③ At one point, he jump scrolls... a sign it was done on a desktop!

④ If the Discord video were real, he would show his phone, his hand moving across the screen and it would have a scroll bar!

As seen here:

Jack Posobiec's Qanon Proof Vs. The Patriot Soapbox's Larp | ROUND 1

More info here:

Qanon Team Busted - Discord Fakes and IOS Realities | Banned /r/greatawakening Round 2


  • Israel Intel is involved in fake Q, granted. But what about the White Rabbit Twitter posts which have the CICADA Thomas S. Traces? And what to make of all the Thomas S. posts inside his Sophia Musik videos that match precisely the Q posts? All of the language, encoding of messages and codified data within the original Q posts have the markings, style, language, method and encoding of Thomas S. See the videos of AIM - ex NSA cryptologist Douglas Gabriel explains how the original Q posts for a month or so have THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF NSA LEVEL CRYPTOLOGY EMBEDDED IN THE POSTS! No Microchip nor Defango could have done that. Israel Intel could have but it was not in their interest to do so at that time, because Q had not gained momentum or steem. Only Thomas S. and CICADA people could reach that level of cryptological sophistication and use it to create chaos. Thomas S. is a seeder of chaos. Out of the chaos rises the Phoenix of the NWO. Defango has at least confirmed this.

  • This is a work in progress. There appears to be a CICADA Q. There appears to be a White Rabbit Q on Twitter. (This would be the CICADA Q that current Q = Quantum and other versions of Q from last November attempt to say are fake, in order to push their fake version of Q). There appears to be several Qs posting on the chans (as I have explained in my graphs) plus a Q posting on the Lop discussion board which I have mentioned in my posts and who was banned with the entire Lop board being wiped on January 05th, shortly after the Q trip code was cracked again on 8--chan and exactly when Pamphlet and Code Monkey took over the fake Q larp. I have analyzed all of the Q versions. They are all fake, and a larp, except the one that posted on the Lop board. That is the only genuine one I have seen and it appears to be Stephen Miller, who apparently has a gift to see the future.

THE CICADA Q = Quantum = We Are The New Media - Your Voice America Connection!!

The fake Q larp Exposed.

Evidence of Who Fake Q really Is. Clowns Involvement Exposed!

Q Source X, The Destroyer of Illusions!! The Black Nobility Banking Cartel, Fake Q, Hillary Election Rigging Exposed!!

Mother liberty beckons....


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