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A Frame Of Mind.


2 years agoBusy


Solitude, a frame of mind,

Blissful tranquility.

Below the sand,

engulfed by the waves,

The pier jets out and reaches for the ship.

The canopy frames the view.

Ship and pier, entry roofs,

colors and hues,

A stately place,

A stately mind,

An entry to the soul.

Effervescence of body, soul and Spirit.

The state is reached. The soul is touched. The mind shakes. The Spirit moves.

And so the lonely man returns to bay, ready to proceed and wait for his new day.

The composition ends,

The Spirit set.

And all await,

the day to set.

A bright new day is just a moment away.

Rest in peace, your good work has been done.

The captain shall soon set the course,

The ship shall guide the way.

Let us stay the wake, rise to the tide,

rest assured, the day has come.

The truth shall out,

and spirits won.

Mother Liberty.


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