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Hardcore Path of Exile Steem Competition Entry


9 months agoBusy


It is that time of the year when a new Path of Exile league emerges from the grinds of Grinding Gear Games, every Steemian who happens to like gaming and Path of Exile can compete once again in a Hardcore race for the gold (Steem), if they survive (they won't). This event hosted by @mattclarke is my favorite Steem competition, win or lose you are guaranteed to cry. I wrote this little poem to prepare you for things to come if you want to try it out.

Hardcore you say you'll try
But Maligaro says you die
Enter Path of Exile heat
Serve Avarius as a dish of meat
You think you got what it takes
Kitava takes your cakes

I hereby announce my 5th nomination for the race. I'll be playing new spells and go for Witch or Duelist classes with Chaos damage build, also my second character will probably be a holy Inquisitor. These will be highly experimental builds, I expect a lot of pain :)

My poe account: Account


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