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Top 10 @steemmonsters leaderboard win% updated: December 3rd, 2018


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December 3rd, 2018:
What's the current win percent
of the current Top 10 @steemmonsters players?



Hi @steemmonsters fans! Welcome to another update of the current Top 10 @steemmonsters leaderboard win percentage for Season 3. *As battling is continuous, I had to arbitrarily snapshot this to make the calculations. I took the screenshot at around 7:30 p.m. UTC time on December 3rd, 2018. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.20.22 PM.png

Let's see the win percentages:

Player NameTotal GamesWinsPercentage

* * *

I was incorrect about win streak stopping in Diamond last update. It continues until Champion is reached at 3700, which still no players have achieved. Not too much to report here. The average percent is gravitating to the 60% region. Outliers with high win percentages typically level out as they play more games. Stay tuned to see if that pattern continues on!

These stats are intended to raise questions and stimulate discussion. Right now, win percentage in and of itself is somewhat irrelevant to the @steemmonsters ranking. For the most part, playing as many games as possible is rewarded (with at least a ~60% win rate.) It's also a viable strategy (currently) to stop playing when you reach the top and let others pass you so you can more easily progress. What do you think: should win percentage factor into the game's rewards and/or system of ranking? If so, do you have any specific ideas about how this could be implemented?

Steem Monsters is a game that's still quite new in its beta stage. Why not weigh in with your opinion in the Community Discord at this link? If you liked this article, give it an upvote, comment below, follow, and resteem. Also consider using my referral link to sign up for @SteemMonsters if you haven't grabbed a starter pack yet so you can get playing!

Peace out!

P.S. Images are created from screenshots of the @steemmonsters stats paraphernalia and magickified by digital manipulation past the point of recognition by yours truly. Have a great one and thanks for the support!



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