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Plagiarizers took over the poetry section this morning


9 months agoBusy2 min read

Today, was my first chance in a while to go read and curate some poetry. I went to the poetry tag, filtered on new (because trending is typically low quality) and was presented with almost a whole feed of plagiarized posts. I know they were plagiarized because all of the "authors" had negative reps and @cheetah left comments on a lot of them. So I downvoted a few that had some earnings on them, but didn't want to waste all of my voting power.

In looking at what options we have to combat this, I think it really all begins with the reputation system. It has to change. We have to figure out a way to empower the users themselves to clean out the trash. Most users are not whales with enough SP to clean out trash posts. So we are relegated to depend on great projects like @cheetah sbd @steemcleaners to police our community. It seems passing the buck to me.

I would say to just automatically filter low rep posters from feeds at the website level. However, the current reputation system facilitates bullying and is not a true representation of the reputation of the account in question. One whale can (and has) ruin the rep of multiple users within one day. Rep is also increased from self-votes. So we can't trust the current rep score to mean much more than how much money they have earned from the Steem blockchain.

Proposal: let's build a rating system to be applied to accounts in which every user has the same power to influence. Give the opportunity to have reviews and force a written review for a negative rating. Enforce that reviews cannot be the same (to hinder some of the automation). I have some other ideas, but that would be a start.

What are some solution you would suggest?


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