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Steemit Weekly Account Progress


2 years agoBusy2 min read

Hi and welcome to another weekly Steemit account progress report!

This week's stats

  • Gained 80+ new followers
  • Earned about $4 worth of STEEM+SBD+SP
  • Wrote 35 posts this week (not counting comments etc but including Dmania, Dlive, Steepshot and Dtube contributions)

It's definitely been one of my most active weeks, but then again, I do currently have all the time in the world. I was inactive for quite a while and not too many familiar faces were left when I returned.

My strategy for upcoming weeks

Steemit is afterall a lot about networking and meeting new folks - so that's what I'm trying to do. Network with as many planktons, minnows and other newcomers as I possibly can. Today their vote might be 0.00$ (Much like mine) but one day when they grow to be dolphins or you never know who turns out to be a whale, his vote in future could make 95% of your reward pool. I firmly think that the key is to staying persistent, active, making new connections and communicating. And actually consuming other's people's content, leaving honest feedback.

I do feel a little bad about leaving super short comments but sometime's there's just not much more to add or I'm just incompetent in the topic in hand.
That's about it! Thanks for reading, don't forget to upvote, follow and comment :)

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