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List of alternative accounts of the Reward Pool Rapist: @berniesanders / @nextgencrypto / @abusereports


4 months agoBusy3 min read

It looks like the Steem Bully, @berniesanders, was finally sent to his corner.

  • He's not doing shitty posts every 5 minutes and self-voting himself to the tune of thousands of $ anymore.

  • He lost all the latest Flag Wars he started over the last months. He spent thousands of votes flagging other people in vain.

I hope he learned his lesson and start leaving people in peace. Or else we will have to leave him in pieces.

Now, if people just stopped voting @nextgencrypto as a Witness and stop this guy from keep stealing us all, Steem would be a lot better. Until these leeches keep sucking the blockchain dry, there's no point in investing here. Every penny you invest in Steem, is being stolen by Reward Pool Rapists like him. And he has the nerve to complain about other Reward Pool Rapists, as if he isn't one himself. What a hypocrite.

This is how you all look, when you vote @nextgencrypto for Witness.


Now I'll leave here an updated list of @berniesanders's accounts. And I bet there are more. This is the accounts he uses to silence those he disagrees with and how he votes himself, too.

Let's put an end to this scam!

Yes, I know I will be flagged again. But this time, there's not much for that bully to flag, so good luck with that.


Have fun flagging this post and the whole 1 comment I did over the last week! Lol!

List of some of the accounts owned by @berniesanders / @nextgencrypto / @abusereports


Update: The sad little man going through a middle age crisis couldn't flag any of my last week's posts so what does he do? He goes after innocents and flags their posts because that's what vindictive losers do.


Posts Flagged by @nextgencrypto purely out of spite:

Is this the kind of idiot you want, as a Witness to this blockchain? A sad little man who brags how much he steals from the Rewards Pool while he attack innocents?

Stop voting @nextgencrypto as a Witness. He's robbing you blind.


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