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General knowledge, unknown information and all types of test preparation

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General knowledge, unknown information and all types of test preparation
17 October 2014 ·
Something about man and man's body
Funny and weird information ... so much information
Do not get together
See it ...
If you spend two minutes time without profit
Do not think there will be harm.
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Diverse world is his

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More diverse human race than
But with the creation of this human body?
Generally we know that humans
The body is made from soil. But then
Not that anything else inside this soil
Many of which are hidden
Unknown to the people, whenever they are his
No one about yourself
Thinking immediately after research or thinking
Finds new creatures new
Information: How much is God to man
Nor did the people who created the good
Can not think.
Anyway this is small
From the text we will know the human
Some interesting facts about the subject.

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Man is the best creature of creation And this man
There are some things to know about
Unknown fun info
Some interesting facts about people
It is presented: -----
courtesy ---- We Knowledge Pipes → Radio Novo

A normal healthy man
What does 24 hours:
(A) 23,040 times breathing
(B) Pumps 7,500 liters of blood
(C) Average 1-1.5 minutes per night
(D) The heart is vibrating 1,30,680 times
(E) An average of about 4,800 speaks
(F) Drinking water from 2 to 2 cubes
(G) Seven million cells in the head brain
No work
(H) Head hair increases 0.01714 inches
(I) The height in the evening compared to morning 1
Cm Gets reduced
Other interesting information:

courtesy ---- We Knowledge Pipes → Radio Novo

  • 70% water and 18% of human body
    There are also carbon
  • A person's heart is fist of him
    Hand equal
  • As the heart is conceived, the chest
    It's not the left side.
    It's in the middle but one-
    Expand the third.

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  • The number of people in the body 100
  • Eye to eye is a 0.4

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Takes seconds.

  • About 100 hair every day on the head
  • Blood pressure in healthy body hour 7
  • The average power of a man is 0.143 horse
  • Normal
    If people live the way they are alive
    Usually crying 2.5 million times.
    Boys' nails faster than girls
  • A man's whole life
    Hands on your fingertips
    Total length is 28 meters as average.
  • A human baby in the first year of birth
    About 146 liters of mouth
    Equal emissions of saliva.
  • A human child in the first two years of birth
    About 150km with crawling
    Distances the distance.
  • One person every day 6
    If he sleeps 50 years old
    But 12.5 years of his life
    Spend sleeping
    Some more extraordinary information:

courtesy ---- We Knowledge Pipes → Radio Novo

  1. The quantity of blood of a person is his
    One share of 13 percent of total weight.
    That is 65 kg of human blood
    The amount is 5 kg
  2. Body oxygen
    Supplier red blood cellular
    The amount is 2,500 crores and they are 4 months


  1. White blood-preventing disease
    The number of particles is 250
    The billions and they are only 12
    Live hours
  2. All of the body
    Shearera as well as a hundred and a half
    Acre land will be required.
  3. A person's nervous system is so much
    The length of that is 7 times the earth
    It can be spewed.
  4. No feeling in the nervous system
    200 miles per hour
    It flows at a speed.
  5. Body and
    The feeling of feeling in the brain is 0.1 to reach it
    Takes seconds.
  6. At the time of birth of a baby bone
    There are 350.
  7. A man 40 years of life
    Thousand litter leaves urine.
  8. Skin in a human body
    The amount is 20 square feet.
  9. A man's skin over the skin
    There are 10 million pomegranate.
  10. The amount of human body
    There are seven big stars with fat
    It is possible to make varieties of cakes.
  11. Human body 650
    There are muscle muscles. which
    200 muscles are active in the work.
    There are more than 30 muscles in the face.
    15 laughs while laughing
    More muscles are active.
  12. Starting from one place to the whole body
    Turn around
    A blood to return to the place
    The particle crosses 100,000 km
    That means 2.5 times beyond the earth
    can do.
  13. Our brain is about 10,000
    To recognize the different odor and
    Can remember
    courtesy ---- We Knowledge Pipes → Radio Novo
    References: Various of Internet
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