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Mithril x Steaker Co-launch Staking Mining


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Users in the Mithril ecosystem can now participate in “Staking mining”, a new co-launch project with Steaker.

Reward generates as fast as every 5 seconds. Starting with 1,000 MITH minimum, users can lock the funds for 6 or 12 months to generate up to 30% profit in return, updated hourly on the dashboard on Steaker. There will not be a penalty if you wish to withdrawal halfway through the staking period; however, accumulated rewards will be zero.


APR 24% for 6-month staking mining (12% profit for half year withdrawal
APR 30% for 12-month staking mining


John invested 10000 MITH in 12-month staking mining, received 13000 MITH (with the principal) after 12 months.
John invested 10000 MITH in 12-month staking mining, received 10000 MITH when he decided to withdraw on the 5th month.

Visit Steaker for more information. (Sign up in order to view the project.)

About Steaker

Steaker is a digital asset management service platform. Utilizing professional risk diversification, Steaker assists clients in investing their digital assets in well-known DeFi/CeFi/Staking projects to earn the profit.


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